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Govt working out some compromise formula under the garb of Quiet Diplomacy: Panun Kashmir
Jammu (India) April 11, 2010

Report & images by Raman Raina

Holding both union and state governments responsible for miseries of Kashmiri Pandits, Panun Kashmir on Sunday said that both state and central have seemingly worked out some big compromise formula under the garb of quiet diplomacy for separatists at the cost of territorial integrity and sovereignty of India.

Addressing the gathering after a protest rally at Nagrota Camp, Chairman, Panun Kashmir- Dr. Agnishekher said that the miserable condition of Kasmiri pandits striving in all the parts of country was a direct result of apathetical attitude of centre and state governments towards them.

Cautioning the community members, he said that Government has worked out some big compromise formula under the garb of quiet diplomacy for separatists at the cost of territorial integrity of India and the policy of neglect meted out to Kashmiri Pandits was part of this game plan.

The protest rally was organized against the continued callous and apathetic attitude of state and central Govt. towards the sufferings and plight of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.

While expressing deep shock and surprise over the recent enhancement of Rs. 250/ per person by the state govt., Dr.Agnishekhar termed it as rubbing salt to the wounds of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.

He urged the state and union govts. to reconsider their decision and immediately approve the public demand of the enhancement from Rs.4000/= to Rs.12000/= per family enabling these hapless people to make two ends meet. He expressed shock over the drinking water scarcity at TRT Nagrota Camp dwellers and even nearly two hundred vacant quarters have not been allotted as yet to the needy living under dilapidated sheds.

Speakers from all of camps and non camps noted with utter dismay the sudden withdrawal of Income Tax Deferment causing distress to the displaced state govt.employees.

The Prominent speakers who addressed the rally included Ravinder Raina, P.L. Badgami, Ashok Dilber, Jyotishi Dr. Manmohan Shastri, Sardar Surinder Singh Bali, Sanjay Dattatreya., Dr S.N. Sumbly, Omkar Nath Bhat , B.K. Dass and Smt.Sushma Reshi.

Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammu, India.
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