AIKS deligation meets President of India

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AIKS deligation meets President of India
New Delhi (India) April 9, 2010
Report by Romesh Raina

IKS President Shri Moti Kaul accompanied by Pt. Gautam Kaul (Vice President), Shri Vijay Aima (Vice President) and Dr. Romesh Raina (Gen. Secretary) called on Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, President of India on 13th April, 2010 to discuss the issues of concern to the community.

Shri Moti Kaul explained Her Excellency that our temples and shrines in the Valley constitute the living symbols of our existence in Kashmir, they symbolize our socio-cultural survival in the Valley. He apprised her about the deplorable condition of these temples. The land and other assets belonging to most of the temples has been illegally grabbed by vested interests and the process was going on for quite sometime. He urged Her Excellency that a process of controlling and managing these shrines assumes significance and expedite the process for the passage of temples and shrines Bill in the legislative assembly of J&K to prevent the illegal grabbing of the land and other assets belonging to the temples.

Shri Kaul also argued for evolving a blue print for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits as 20 years of exile was a big period in the history, if not addressed now a chance of their extinction from the history of Kashmir was looming large. The political rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits therefore is a question that needs to be answered now to prevent their marginalization from the main stream political life of the state, he explained her.

Shri Kaul brought to her knowledge about the meagre hike in the relief for Kashmiri migrants and strongly argued for its re-consideration in the light of present inflation touching sky high, and requested that the relief be paid Rs. 10,000 per family per month and urged her for the age relaxation for unemployed youth belonging to displaced community as the employment package for Kashmiri migrants was underway. He pleaded for the regularization of contractual Kashmiri migrant teachers working in Delhi administration run schools after giving full background of the issue.

Shri Gautam Kaul talked broadly about the Kashmir scenario, its politics and attitude towards the displaced Kashmiri Pandits. He brought home the point that political rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits was an issue to be dealt in the broad national interests and that restore respectability to their 5000 year old civilizational history.

The President of India gave a patient hearing and also in between wanted to know more about certain issues under discussion with her. A detailed memorandum enlisting major issues of concern was handed over to Her Excellency. She conveyed the delegation that the issues raised would be looked into.

*Dr. Romesh Raina is the General Secretary, AIKS
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