Historical Hawan at Vicharnag-Kashmir after 20 years

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Historical Hawan at Vicharnag-Kashmir after 20 years
Vicharnag, Srinagar (India) May 16, 2010
Report & images by Raman Raina

As part of its mission to save and revive the centuries old cultural heritage of KPs by reopening the temples and shrines, at present in dilapidiated conditions for the past 20 years, All Parties Migrants Co-ordination Committee organized a hawan at historical temple Vicharnag in which thousands devotees from Jammu, Delhi and Mumbai including KPs living in valley participated. Devotees paid obeisance to Lord Shiva by offering flowers and watering Shiv Lingam.

Amidst enchanting of Vedic hyms, the hawan started in the evening of May 15 and Puranahuti was performed on May 16 and thereafter prasad was taken by the devotees. The Hawan was solemenised by M.L. Dhar from New Delhi alongwith other priests. It was an emotional moment for KPs who had visited the place after 20 years.

According to APMCC Chairman, Vinod Pandit, the place has thousand years of history and it is said that KPs used to discuss the religious matters and community affairs which is well denoted by its name Vicharnag meaning discussion in English, He said that it is also understood that KPs used to give final touch to yearly Panchang on the day of Navreh Asthami,
Pandita said that temple has five holy springs worth thousand of Kanals of land and added the performance of todays hawan is considered to be great achievement, a step towards its revival as a meeting place for the community in the future.

Earlier, during the part five years APMCC have reopened a number of temples and shrines after 20 years some of which include Mata Umanagri, Mata Tripur Sundari, Suntemple, Martand, Naran Nag, Gosai Gund Ashram and Harmukt Ganga.

On the occasion, Vinod Pandit, Chairman, APMCC said that perseverance of cultural heritage of KPs in the valley is the last hope to save their roots in Kashmir, their mother land having the history of 5000 years. Political Affairs Committee, APMCC Chairman Sanjeev Koul exhorted the KPs living abroad and in the country to extend their hand of cooperation physically, morally and financially so as to save the age-old cultural heritage of KPs, losing its glory in oblivion.

While expressing gratitude towards J&K Fire and Emergency Services, CRPF Battalion 158 Srinagar Soura, J&K Police for providing Co-operation and Security, the spokesman said the government as a whole did not show any inclination to help or a positive attitude towards the organization.

The prominent person who took part in the hawan include, Ravinder Kotwakl IGP, DIG Koul, Dr. Sumir Koul from New Delhi, Kuldeep Raina Chairman, Mata Kheer Bhawani Asthapan, Mazgam, Sanjay Tickoo, President KPSS Bharat Bhushan Bhat, President Jeyestha Devi, Prabandak Committee, Satish Ji., Vice President Jeistha Devi Prabandhak Committee. Besides, APMCC members who contributed a lot in performing the hawan are Secretary Ravinder Pandita, Sandeep Bhat, Sanjay Pandita and Rakesh Pandita Executive Members of the organization.
Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammu, India.
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