Separatists vs. Patriots

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Separatists vs. Patriots
New Delhi (India) Aug 07, 2010

Kashmiri Muslims sitting in a protest dharna at Jantar Mantar (above) while Kashmiri Hindus confronted them with posters on ethnic cleansing (below) - Image coutesey Sinead Kachroo
undreds of Kashmiri Muslims under the banner of "Kashmiris in Delhi" assembled at Jantar Mantar for a sit in protest Dharna against alleged killings of unarmed protestors in Kashmir Valley.

The separatists and anti-nationalist forces responsible for the present crisis in Kashmir are having a big laugh as they are successful not only in keeping Kashmir as a hostage by luring innocent youth of Kashmir in stone-pelting but to create worldwide sympathy blaming Indian security forces of killing unarmed protestors. The stones cast by a young, radicalized generation of Kashmiri boy symbolizes the influence of Jihadi and separatist elements in Kashmir, result of a failed appeasement policy of GOI. Members from several other organizations such as Dal Khalsa, Communist Party- Marxist-Leninist, Naga Peoples Movement etc also participated in the protest.

No one talks about the unsung heroes, the soldiers who give their lives fighting Jihad in Kashmir. Young soldiers from CRPF, BSF or Indian army are sent to fight not an enemy on the border but an enemy insude. And this for a reason, to bring glory to our tri-color and save the largest democracy in the world from radical islam.

Few Kashmiri Hindus confronted these protestors asking them why were they silent when they were being cleansed from the valley? As per reports, the Hindu protestors were forcefully dragged and arrested by police for obstructing the Kashmiri Muslim protest.

Separatists -above

Patriots- below

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