Impose Governors rule In Kashmir

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Impose Governors rule In Kashmir
New Delhi (India) Aug 04, 2010
Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, JKNPP and Member, National Integration Council resorted to Hunger strike in front of Parliament. Police and the security forces arrested nearly 200 Panthers Party activists.

The Panthers Party has been demanding imposition of Governor in J&K to save 11 millions people from death and destruction because of an authoritarian attitude of NC-Congress government in J&K. The Panthers Party also submitted a memorandum to the Members of Parliament through the Speaker of Lok Sabha which read as under:-

"Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party is taking this liberty to urge the Hon’ble MPs for their urgent and immediate intervention to save the situation in J&K so that bullets and stones do not destroy the seedlings of democracy, rule of law and secular & composite culture of J&K.

1. This is a tragedy of our constitutional history that the Parliament has voluntarily abdicated its authority to legislate on J&K even in case of those subjects which Maharaja Hari Singh had included in the Instrument of Accession in 1947.

2. Though the Parliament has no locus to legislate, it cannot abdicate its responsibility to ensure that fundamental rights and security of the residents of J&K being the citizens of India are protected at all costs and the Govt. in J&K discharges its duty according the mandate of the Constitution.

3. Presently the State Govt. headed by NC Chief Minister has failed to function according to the mandate of the Constitution, as it has lost confidence and trust of the people of the state. The resentment is being demonstrated by the people particularly the youth by throwing stones against the police. This is an anger of the people against continued curfews, use of bullets and killings of the innocent youth and children by the police under the orders form the power that be. This anger is not against India but if not redressed may change its direction as the foreign agencies are trying to play their anti-India game to destabilise.

4. Hon’ble Members, the people in J&K have been terrorized and suppressed by the ruling class for the past 63 years only to facilitate the rulers to continue their loot. J&K has become haven of the corrupt & criminal politicians who have ‘kept the Satan alive so Delhi rulers visit their Church’.

5. The rulers of Kashmir have been browbeating the Central leadership for decades and exploiting the innocent people of the state on one pretext or the other to legitimate their authoritarian rule.

6. The people of Jammu and Ladakh regions have been subjected to unprecedented hardships because the Valley has been tense and in turmoil. There is no Governance at all. The bureaucracy and the ruling leadership are engaged in the loot and robbing the state exchequer and the administration stands completely paralyzed. There is urgent need for change.

7. Let their be no more bullets, no more rapid police and no more stones. This is possible only through short spell of Governor Rule in J&K. That shall be in the interest of the national security to ensure return of peace in the conflict-torn state.

8. Allow the state's Governor to invoke Section 92 of the J&K Constitution to suspend the State Assembly for a while, impose Governor rule so that a fresh interaction may be initiated by the Prime Minister with the political parties to provide an acceptable, workable and capable democratic Govt. in the state. The present Chief Minister has become a security risk. He needs immediate rest.

9. Let there be a high power judicial enquiry by a Supreme Court Judge to trace out those responsible for the deaths and destruction during the present turmoil and state anarchy.

10. There are other measures that need to be taken for a lasting resolution of the situation in J&K. The important most is the Reorganization of the State on the basis of cultural, geographical and historical identity of each region. That can be achieved through an appropriate amendment in Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which the Parliament alone can do.

With hope and trust that Hon’ble MPs shall take national interests ahead of party interests. Let the Parliament decide if they want Omar Abdullah or 11 millions people of Jammu and Kashmir. Further delay shall prove a disaster and may threaten the integrity of country".

Several Panthers Party workers were injured seriously. Those arrested include M/s. B.S. Sajan (President-DPNPP), Rajiv Khosla, Afzal Khan (General Secretaries), Sunita Chaudhary, Surjeet Singh Guleria, Chander Mohan, President, Noida and Ms. Geeta Chaudhary, General Secretary.

Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary

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