म्याऽन्य वाख

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म्याऽन्य वाख
myā'nya vākha
जया सिबू
(English Explanation Dr Chaman Lal Raina)
स्वरान स्वरान वाऽन्स गयम नीरिथ
छु न रोज़ान् हुवुय ज़ांह ति वख्।

svarāna svarāna vā' nsa gayama nīritha
chu na rozān huvuya zāṁha ti vakh

My whole life hasbeen taken over by many shades,and still I am engrossed with the thoughts which revolve around the world alone. My experience says that the human being is in the changing process,as time is not a constant factor,hence modifications in life.I observe day in and day out.

शून्य द्रायस शून्यस छुम ग.छुन
ज़ोनुम न समसार मा छु फन्द।

śūnya drāyasa śūnyasa chuma gachuna
zonuma na samasāra mā chu phanda

My existence is from Shunya--which is beyond beginning of the time . After I leave this physical frame, I have to go to the Shunya state . In this life span, Still I could not understand that this world is merely the shadow of the Shunya like mathematical zero.

मायायि मुहुक आवुलुन आर्यविथ्
ज़लुरि ज़ाल वूनिथ कोरुम पान बन्द

māyāyi muhuka āvuluna āryavith
zaluri zāla vūnitha korum pāna banda

I was caught up in the whirlpools , in the webs of illusions and attachments.None created it,I did it myself, I realize it now . with this web woven by me .My realization is now that my own being is caught in the cobweb,which is but the created bond by the human being.

काऽम छ्यम स्यठाह वख छुम कम
कोरुम नु केंह जावाऽनी हुन्द रूदुम दम

kā' ma chyama syaṭhāha vakha chum kama
koruma nu keṁhajāvā'nī hunda rūduma dama

I have to do so much of work assigned to me by the divine,but the time span is very short.I was thinking that my self is still in my youth,and thus paid little attention to the acts associated with the spirituality. I am just wandering!

हिवुय रूज़ नु समय कोहन् बालन् ह्ये.चुम वथ
व्वथ बा ज़ीवो व्यचार पज़र नत रोज़ीय .चेय कथ

hivuya rūza nu samaya kohan bālan hyecuma vatha
vwatha bā zīvo vetsaar pazar nata rozīya ceya katha

Time as understood in the horizontal(serial) way,can not remain same.I took my journey through the mountains and the forests.I thought that going to the pilgrimage,which are in the mountains and dense forests,will give me a passge to eternity,but I realize now, that is but a path .Otherwise the whole phenomenon is Lord's manifestation,. I am looking forward though the process of integral Yoga,otherwise I have to reincarnate again and again in this transitory world.

पनुन परुद तोगुम न ज़ानुन
तोगुम न मानुन ज़ीव मा छु अख

panuna paruda toguma na zānuna
toguma na mānuna zīva mā chu akha

I feel there is oneness of the Atma--the supreme Self..
It is possible only, if we do intense prayers in the form of Sadhana and Yoga that would direct my being to identify myself with the Upanishadic Sutra of Tat Tvam Asi or Aham Brahma asmi.

Jaya Sibu writes in Hindi and Kashmiri. She is the recipient of Bhagwan Gopinath Research Fellowship. Some of her Kashmiri poems have been translated by Amrita Pritam in Hindi. Her publication includes 'Mantrik Bhajan Dipika' in Kashmiri verse based on the Kashmiri Beej Mantras of the Shaktivad tradition. 'Bhagwan Gopinath evam Dharmik Chintan' in Hindi is under publication. She is a regular contributor to various Hindi and Kashmiri magazines and piublications.

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This is a nice combination we have for Kashmiri learning, reading and understanding it in English also. Jayaji's Vakh and Dr.Raina's translation makes it more meaningful, useful and understandable to non Devnagri readers. Jayaji is deep into her roots and love for the mother land that reflects through her creative work. Good job done and excellent translitration.
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