Kashmiri Comedy Skit Draupadi Vastraharan

Kashmiri Comedy Skit Draupadi Vastraharan
Ankit Monga- Duryodhan
Dr. Kuldeep Thussu - Dushasan
Paviter Handoo - Mama Shakuni,
Sanju Salman - Yudishthar,
Ashwini Kaul- Arjun ,
Ajay Dhar- Bheem ,
Deepak Ganju- Dhritrashtra ,
Liloo Kaul - Gandhari,
Inder Kaw- Draupadi
Performed at: KP National Cultural Meet, Lake Big Bear, CA (July 3rd, 2010)
Very hilarious and simply superb. Liked koshur Mamashree.
Added By Dr. Ashok Dhar
All the characters deserve appreciation in this skit. This is the skit with message ,for upholding the HONOR of the womanhood.Regarding the language, it is the blend of Kashmiri,Sanskrit,Hindi Urdu & Kashmiri--a wonderful set of words,to suitt he KP in Diaspora. Inhii shabdon ke Saath ------,Ek adbhut abhivyakti.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
Appreciate the efforts put into creating a Koshur version of the skit.
Added By Awtar Tikoo
This was one of the best stage play of the Kashmiri Hindu Foundation's three days camp held at Big Bear Camp 3rd -5th,July 2010. Please mark your calenders for even bigger 2011 KP Camp details of which shall be announced in next few weeks. Warm regards Amrit Nehru Los Angeles
Added By Amrit Nehru
Wow that is great, really great, u always come up with bang!
Added By Sanjay Tickoo