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"The Braves Arise "

मित्र कहूं या सखि!

विभासा रैना

मेरी प्रिय साथी

मै ने खींचा तुम्हारा चित्र।

अभी तू है बच्ची

मगर हो अच्छी

पर कई चीज़ों में अभी कच्ची।

तू नही कहती---

करूंगी---- कल

निकालती रहती हो समस्या का हल।

मज़ाक में पुकारते तुझे "हच्"

फिर बोलती रहती हो सच।

समझती हो समझाती भी हो

रहती हो प्यार से

तुम शान्त मन से घूमती हो

प्रान्त प्रान्त का समाचार पाती हो

कश्मीर से अजमेर मे बढी हुई हो

तू बढी प्यारी! हे मेरी सखि!

तू न्यारी मेरी मन की उपज हो

*Vibhasa is a 8th grade student of Sophia Senior Secondary School, Ajmer. She has interest in dance, debates, acting etc. Her extempore speeche on "Save the Water Resources" was greatly appreciated. She acted as Bhagat Singh, acted in a play on Mahatma Gandhi enacted on Gandhi Jayanti. She is a good orator, and has recited Hindi poems for Shehjar E-Journal. and the Hindi Program of the Radio Texas, USA. She is very proud of her Kashmiri heritage

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Vibhasa Ji, Very beautiful poem, This is an expression of your truthfulness. We appreciate your sublime thoughts,but I would like you to recite this poem for Shehjar readers, as you are very proficient in poem recitations.May Saraswati bless you!
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
Dear Vibhasa, Shehjar readers would love to have your audio recitation also as you have done in the past. Please do include audio files so that we all can hear your uplifting voice. With blessings.
Added By Deepak Ganju
Kudos to this little young girl. Its wonderful to see how talented and god gifted these children are. They are the true angels of our soceity. God bless you may you keep writing so that we all share this with you. Congrats
Added By Tej Shawl
Vibasa,Raina's Nightingale, has a very bold, melodious narration. I wish she had sung it in her own style. Good one, keep writing keep singing along with your priority studies. Good luck.
Added By subhash razdan