Interlocutors discuss future of community.

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Interlocutors meet PK delegation, discuss future of displaced community
Jammu (India) October 26, 2010
delegation of Panun Kashmir led by its convener, Dr Agnishekhar today met the interlocutors on Kashmir Dilip Padgaokar, Radha Kumar and M M Ansari.

The PK delegation was invited by the interlocutors to discuss the future of seven lakh displaced Pandits with them. The other members of the delegation included PK president, Vijay Bhat, national spokesman, Kamal Hak, Rajidner Koul, Sanjay Dattatreya, Vijay Handoo, Rahul Razdhan, Sanjay Raina and Veer Wangoo.

The delegation informed the interlocutors that Kashmir has become a complex issue which requires matured understanding and dispassionate handling.

It also informed the interlocutors that PK represents the geo-political aspirations of seven lakh displaced KPs and seeks to establish a Union Territory for the community on North East of River Jehlum in Kahsmir with free flow of Indian Constitution. It said such a move will not only dispense legitimate justice to the displaced KPs but will also re-establish the Indian presence in Kashmir.

It said that four streams of political thought flown in Kashmir at present which include a hard line separatist thought which seeks merger with Pakistan, a so called moderate political thought that seeks to establish an independent country of Kashmir, a supposedly mainstream thought which is for greater autonomy for Kashmir and nationalist political thought now in exile that is represented by displaced KPs which seeks re-establish Indian presence in Kashmir.

It said KPs are an ethnic minority who believes in Indian civilizational ethos. KPs being patriotic Indians don’t share sentiments associated with the three streams of the political thought as this will lead to disintegration of the country, the PK leaders told interlocutors.

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