Dream Land

Dream Land

*Ms. Manmohini Bakshi
My children once put me a question,

Tell us about our place of birth;

Eager to know about our home and hearth,

I was shaken but could not refrain;

Down went my mind in the memory lane,

Behold my self and tried to explain;

Do you know where from you hail?

It is the beautiful Kashmir Vale!

Most sacred is your place of birth,

It is known as paradise on earth;

It is the crown of India,

It is the pride of India!

It is guarded by hills and mountains,

It is full of falls and fountains;

It is full of lakes and rivers,

It is full of trees and greens;

It is the placenwhere great scholars were living,

It is known as seat of learning; I

t is the place where saffron is sown,

It is the place where apples are grown;

But I was helpless not to bring you up in your home land,

As we were hounded out of our native land;

You started crawling in foreign land,

Alas, Your motherland is now your dream land! It is pious and divine land.
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Beautifully crafted poetry. I can feel the heart vibrating in this poem.
Added By BL Dhar
beautiful words.....to answer the question usually asked by our kids...
Added By anjali pandita