The First Snowfall

The First Snowfall
*Anjali Pandita

It was the last week of December,

and the season for wintry shower.

The sky was dark, cloudy and closed,

snowfall the weatherman had forecasted.

Holding the fire pot inside the cloak,

the child sat near the window block.

Every drop from the sky he counted,

for the first snowfall , till dusk he waited.

In the darkness of this cold night,

when in their nests, the birds slept.

Into the deep slumber people drifted

snug and warm in their beds they curled.

Then swirling and circling the snowflakes came down,

softly and silently settled on everything like a crown.

At dawn the vale was enveloped in heavenly light,

everything around was draped in white.

Autumn’s brutality the trees were facing,

chilly winds had left their naked branches shaking.

The flakes delicately touched and kissed,

With love, each branch they embraced.

The Immaculate cover of pallid snow,

radiated a heavenly peaceful glow.

The gleam was like the divine light,

With purity it touched every human heart.

A cup of first snow was gifted to the newly wed,

to tell her she is adored, welcomed and loved.

This pure love and adoration she accepted,

with a gastronomic treat she reciprocated.

To this land snowfall brings joy and celebration,

And to cherish the god’s beautiful creation.

*Anjali wrote this poem when she visited Kashmir in 2009 after a gap of 20 years. Born and brought up on Kashmir and migrated to Delhi in 1990. Working as a teacher for past15 years. Presently teacher at DPS-Modern Indian school, Doha, Qatar.

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Only a beautiful mind can document the beauty of nature the way you have done.
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