Forgotten Painter of kashmir with Video

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He was fully aware of various forms of Modern Art especially Salvador Dalli's surrealism, Pablo Picasso's Cubism, expressionism, impressionism, Pop Art and Abstract Art; Still he kept his doors closed and focussed on Kashmir landscapes alone. His medium was just water colours . The Baroda group of Artists consisting of Triloke Koul, P N Kachru, S N Bhat , Ghulam Rasool Santosh and even Mohan Raina tried hard to bring this stalwart to the modern Art camp but failed. He remained steadfast to his medium, style and subject. Enter the world of Dina Nath Walli or Almast Kashmiri (1908 -2006) a renowned artist from kashmir who lived at Badyar Bala in srinagar city. This area has been home to many other artists as well including S N Bhat and Mohan Raina. I have faint recollections of his brother Pandit Amar Chand Wali "Qais" Popularly known as BUB ( Father) as our drawing teacher in D A V School Rainawari. He too was a poet and painter.

Recently Dr T K Walli brought about 60 water colours of his late father all the way from karnal to jammu for an exhibition sponsored by Academy Of art Culture and languages Every one who saw this treasure got mesmerized . You were transported to another world. It was Nostalgia and sheer reconnection with roots for most of the viewers.You could see Dal lake, Pahalgham Gulmarg, Village scenes, Maar canal scenes, Ganderbal scenes, Bazars, Birds, Hills, Brooks, Snow clad Mountains, Poplars, Chinars men and women doing daily chores to exist and last but not the least the Beauty of this land reflected abundantly in almost all the water colour landscapes .You could see peasants, Boatmen, Village women husking rice in KUNZ (Big stone bowl ), Fruit laden trees, shikaras, and houseboats.
“This art is nostalgic and soul satisfying ” says Ayaz Rasool Nazki (another scientist and artist ) who went all out and helped the family in this exhibition. He revealed that his late father Gh Rasool Nazki would often mention one name as his childhood friend and that was Dina Nath walli. Dr T K Walli met Ayaz Rasool Nazki per chance in a meeting at SKUAST and the forgotten connections were instantly revived. The exhibition reunited two families tied to the soil of kashmir. Incidentally Ayaz Rasool Nazki is brother of Farooq Nazki Noted poet and media personality. I saw Triloke koul, Hasarat Gadda, Vijay Bakaya (Ex chief secretary), Zaffar Iqbal Manhas Secretary cultural Academy, Javed Raahi Gojri Poet and Dr Raj Kumar sharma (Physician specialist and a Noted painter) in this exhibition held in Sansar chand Baru Hall of Kala Kendra Jammu on 8th March 2010. Scores of art lovers of the state came to see these water colours.
During an informal chat, Triloke koul who is known as father of Modern Art in our State informed that Walli Sahib is the only artist in the state who lived from sale of his Art. He did nothing except painting kashmir landscapes. His water colours adorn many offices, galleries and homes all over the world. Walli sahib began his career in Calcutta in 1930 but returned to kashmir in 1936. Thereafter he remained in kashmir till 1982 when he went to Karnal to stay with his son Dr T K Walli a scientist based in Karnal. Dr Walli informed me that Babu ji (as he was affectionately called by his family) painted kashmir scenes in Karnal purely from his memory for 22 long years. He breathed his last in karnal only.

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These paintings are a real treat to eyes. A simple life in Kashmir has been so nicely transformed on to a canvas. video presentation and song selection is also superb. Shehjar magazine gives life to such features.
Added By Shiban K Tickoo
He is always in our hearts and minds. One of the best watercolor painters of Kashmir. I wish he had put a Kashmiri Pandit in the backdrop of his any paintings.
Added By sanjay Kaul
It is real tribute to this legendary artist of watercolor paintings on Kashmir and i remember the other great artist, Shri Kampasy, who used to paint with refined detail and the young boy i have seen some of there original work (there own collection)....... Unparalleled work
Added By subhash razdan
Congratulations to Shehjar for being such a publication.
Added By Vimal Trakru
Thank you Deepakji for a beautiful video of the vivid paintings of Shri Dina Nath Wali. ‘Baatein bhool jaati hain…Yaadein yaad aati hain…Yeh yaadein kisi dil-o-jaanam ke...Chal jaane ke baad aati hain…Yaadein, yaadein, yaadein’
Added By Shuban Kaul
The paintings are soul solacing for elderly generation of Bhattas who have lived and lost their paradise.We should preserve the treasure for future generations with all efforts.shejar deserves kudos for its sincere efforts.
Added By pushkar ganjoo
Can it be possible to have reproductions of these paintings? If yes, where can these be had?
Added By Inder Revo
how can ne say shri dinanath walli is forgoten i wonder ??
Added By suman kaushal
The text has been written by me and the photographs were taken by me at jammu in march 2010.The article lies in my Blog Chinar shade . my efforts Needed a word of acknowledgement .
Added By autar mota autar mota
The highly readable writeup on the late Wali Sab,accompanied by his vibrant paintings almost took my breath away.I have been trying to contact his son-in -law who happened to be a close friend of mine,Shri Triloki Pandit of Jammu.Could any of your readers kindly convey me his address? The article is beautifully written though the caption,I feel,is erroneous,for men of his caliber having found their niche in the pages of history are never forgotten.
Added By P Parimoo
Superb Paintings. Great job done. Villages revisited through the brush strokes of great master. " Vaakai shehjar pav Aachan" Bhagvan Thavins hamesh Lookenhanzes Dilas mang jaaay.
Added By Ashwani Wanganeo
I have one very nice watercolor by this great artists Dina Nath Walli. Any collectors or art lovers interested in it please message me
Added By Raj Paul