The 1st KOA President from West Coast

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The 1st KOA President from West Coast
Englewood, CO (USA) December 02, 2010
rof. Hari K Koul Chairman, NEC declared Sh. Paviter Handoo of California elected un-opposed as the next President of the KOA. It was for the first time in 29 year history of the organization that a candidate from the West Coast of USA was elected for this position in Kashmiri Overseas Association.

Mr. Handoo has been associated with KOA during the past decade as an active and volunteering member. Currently, he is a Director on the KOA Board, from Southern California, He has organized many social and cultural events including Meet and Greet events on behalf of the organization while also performing fiduciary duties on the KOA Board.

For about 15 years, he has been managing and leading Sales & Marketing functions in the Tour & Travel industry. Presently, he is managing a chain of Indian restaurants & Motels headquartered in Los Angles, California. He has  traveled extensively, to countries all over South East Asia and to several West & East European countries.

An Activist Committed to KP Causes:

It has been his desire to serve the KP community, right from his early years; whether to rally for a cause or to participate and perform in a cultural function. He prides himself to be a dedicated and sincere worker for causes, ensuring that these are completed in a professional manner. He strongly feels that everything related to Kashmiri Pandit culture is embedded in him; be it language or culture, social skills or the typical Kashmiri wit and cheerfulness. In terms of organizational ability, he has been active in the LA KP Community organizing community actions, cultural functions, events & debates. Standouts have been a large demonstration against the visiting Pakistani President, Gen. Musharaf, widely attended community camps, musical events with performers including Kailash Mehra Ji, Rajinder Kachro Ji among others.

He is the founder and architect of the Koshur hechav- Quick Kashmiri Learning Project (QKLP), a project of Quick Kashmiri learning on-line, which already has more than 800 members. Please visit the project’s web page at:

His Philosophy and Commitment

  • Create an all-Inclusive KOA with focus on youth and geared towards learning from our combined experiences
  • Bring about the beginning of an honest, truthful and transparent administration that will regularly communicate with membership and fetch their involvement with its efforts
  • Put a stop on declining KOA membership by making the community interested and involved in its affairs
  • Learn with an open mind from our elders and seniors while also factoring the crucial requirement of youth participation. Be a person who will meet such challenges successfully
  • Be friendly and efficient and keep in regular touch with our community members
  • Be the President who will not only talk but walk the walk and be an honest unifier with his deeds and actions
  • Usher the community to a new beginning – into a new dawn in the history of our small but growing community here in USA
  • Maintain the charter and activities of KOA aimed at the welfare of our entire community worldwide

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Congratulations on becoming the president elect of KOA,i wish you best of luck in your new role and pray for your success.
Added By Chand Bhan
Hath Hath Mubarak. Samachar buzith gav dil syetha khosh. Mein shu yakeen KOA's meli akh now direction.
Added By Kamal Hak
On behalf of Koshur Samchar Ahmedabad I extend my best wishes and greetings to Sh. Paviter Handoo on being elected unanimously to the position of PRESIDENT of KOA USA. I hope under your leadership the KOA will touch new heights and you will leave no stone unturned for extending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters back home in Camps.
Added By Roshan Dhar
On behalf of the Indo-European Kashmir Forum I would like to congratulate you for being elected President of KOA. All our best wishes for your new venture. We look forward to working with you in partnership for our community. Krishna Bhan President IEKF ( UK)
Added By Krishna Bhan
I wish my heartiest congratulations on your splendid success.
Added By Manish Zizoo
the path less tread is difficult, uncertain, adventurous though dagerous. pray that paviter "bhaiya as we call him" treads every step with clairvoyance, fortitude and integrity.
I m happy that you are going to be the president of KOA. I hope you help bridge the gap between various groups. You can always count on me should you need any help. I m based in Northern CA
Added By Rajneesh Raina
Namaskar. Congratulations on your election as President of KOA.You have a tough challenge ahead of you and I am confident you will succeed
Added By Ashok Raina
Congratulations! and we welcome you as the next President of KOA.
Added By Ashish Kak
Dear Paviter ji Aahee! Heartiest Congratulations on becoming President of the august org. KOA. We wish you all the very best!
Added By Dalip Langoo
I on the behalf of all youths of PKYF congratulate you to be the President of KOA and hope that the KOA and the struggle of Kashmiri Pandits will reach new dimensions.
Added By Ravinder Koul
Added By Vinod Razdan
Please accept my Congratulations & Best Wishes.
Added By Hari Kaul
I was really surprised that you have gone neck-deep in Kashmiri Pandit affairs in United States. And it was a pleasing surprise again when Aditya told me that Kashmiri Pandits in US had chosen you as their President. I congratulate you for assuming such an august office. I understand that you have put all your effort in it. I know very well how you were working from 6 in the morning to late night without fail.
Added By Utpal Kaul
I was always confident that you will do great in your life with your pleasing personality, except politics and especially KP politics which was not your cup of tea. I was out of touch with you, maybe it was nature's will but that doesn't mean our relationship which developed from 1963 onwards and most of the childhood and youth we have spent together doing good, bad and naughty things. I'll be with you for all the good initiatives you'll take for our distressed community.
Added By Utpal Kaul