Kashmiri Chakri "Char Chalihama Golabo Lo"

Gulzar Ganai
Popular Maenzraat Kashmiri chakri "Char Chalihama Golabo Lo.... "
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Also plays in iPhone & smartphone applications
Singer: Gulzar Ganai and party
Kashmiri Chakri: Char Chalihama Golabo Lo.....
Hari Niwas Palace Auditorium, Jammu (October 6, 2010)
Video produced & Edited by: Deepak Ganju
Beautiful song. Can we get more similar songs from this artist in Shehjar?
Added By Rajendra Kaul
very refreshing. Would like to see more of this kind.
Added By sheen Dhar
More of it Never stop listening to the this song Any more additions to this That will be great.
Added By Tej Shawl
Namaskar, A wonderful collexion from Deepakjee..Special Editing.. Thanks for sharing such master pieces..
Added By Rajinder Raina 6
wonderful and outstanding presentation.
Added By satish raina
All sweet and amazing video.
Added By Vijay Parimoo