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नव वर्ष 2011 अभिनंदन
स्वस्थ रहे तन
पुलकित हो मन
छूटें सब रूढ़ियों के बंधन
खिलें फूल घर आँगन
महकता रहे वर्ष-भर जीवन
सिद्धी विनायक जी महाराज की कर्पा कं साथ
आर कं भट्ट संज्योती भट्ट, अनिश्का भट्ट, गुडगाँव .
New Year resolution
India of 1947; had visualized new India, on the cherished values of, nationalism, secularism, economic development and social justice, by the democratic form of governance. The passkey was pluralism. The national ethos is the guiding principle of political, executive and bureaucratic regulatory for governing the country. But the nexus of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats tatter completeness of the country.

Kashmiri Pandit community, a minority was living cordially with the majority community of Muslims in the valley, coexisting in good communal harmony, an example. This was despite of the minority community’s economic hardship. The community’s hardship was hardly addressed by the governments in order. All the pleadings were ignored by the insensitive rulers and the bad polity. Jobs were denied and businesses diminishing. Self Employment schemes of central government were for the majority community. This was a ploy to marginalize the minorities by excluding them from all the areas of economic and cultural development.

It is a shame for Indian state being always in forefront to oppose cultural and religious discrimination; did least to stop agonizing, minorities of the valley. J & K State Government behaved as a mute spectator when a section of majority community was on the behest of vested interest subjecting the minorities to all types of harassment. People in the governance did nothing to stop religious cleansing.

Final assault was on 19th January, 1990 when a vicious anti Hindu campaign was launched. 56325 families were homeless within a few months. Amongst them were 14100 families serving State Government and public sector undertakings. Including those drawing pension from State Government, it was 22% of the displaced community population which was a direct liability rather responsibility of the State Government. Rest of 78 percent of the community; constituted small traders, agriculturist and horticulturists. This proved myth of some central leaders that minorities had occupied all the jobs in the valley and rendered majority community jobless. This callousness of the politicians and bureaucrats, displaced community found themselves dejected, deprived and in uncertainty.

Twenty years have passed in exile by asking for small favors from the corridors of power at Delhi or Jammu/Srinagar. Entire memoir submitted by the community organizations in the hands of the powers, must be licking dust in their dustbins. As nobody serious to listen the pleadings of the community, youngsters moves from place to place in search of green pasture. This tendency of the displaced community is disintegrating it and all the values of community living are lost.

2011, 21st year of exile is knocking our doors; let us welcome New Year with new thoughts and new explication. Twenty years is a past now. Here is a need for new approach. Let us formulate a new vision for our future. Instead of compulsive competitive politics, the community thinkers and organizations address the community welfare in the context of the survival as a community. Let us ponder how to converge issues into reality. Let the leaders give a wakeup call that future year to be the year of success.

Let us resolve that the objective of New Year shall be to co-ordinate and coherently fight for:

Above all let us make our community a political entity to usher peace and confidence amongst all the sections of the society. .
Vijay Kashkari
May this year,
Bring you all success without fear,
May these candles,
Bang like bangles...

To give all success and cheers,
To make you the stars,
Without a single drop of tears,
And keep you away from all conflicts and wars,

May your all hard work shower,
Like the full blown flower,
To spread the fragrance,
With the booming elegance...

May these lights,
Take all your plights,
And turn each dream of night,
In morns successful height

With love and best regards
Dr Smita Pandey Bhat, Contributing Editor, Shehjar
My message to our youth would be :
  1. Work very hard;there is no substitute to this aspect.
  2. Look for opportunities ;examine them honestly and see your goals without hurting others,
  3. Read a lot,do not miss a single paper,and absorb the contents,
  4. Weigh your options carefully,
  5. Management means managing different activities differently and remember that there may not be a set process for any activity;each activity demands different solutions/methods; all people are different and hence you need to be patient to understand different persons.This is difficult but not impossible.Read every person carefully.Man management is the most important aspect in management. Once you master this you could be very successful.
  6. Diplomacy:....Never speak ill of others especially when he is not present; confront him if you have to but decently....and remember at the end of the day you may have to work with this person for a long time.So agree to disagree if you cannot reach an agreement.
  7. Keep good relations with every one;do not hurt any one. All human beings are good and they just have to be understood as I stated above.......there are cases when people resigned and fought with their bosses prior to leaving the organization...and then . had to publicly apologise when they had to come back to this organization.So the moral is why have bad relations at all.You may hate a person but it not necessary to show it off.......
  8. Do not stick to one assignment in any company.
  9. Keep track of new discoveries,inventions,improvements,new policies/different policies of the companies of your concern/field.
  10. Above all you must be an expert/specialist in your job/assignment .If you are an expert in your job and know your assignment very well ,all will respect you and your whims and some mistakes at times will be tolerated which would not be the case with others
Wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year 2011.

Ravinder Tikoo
A Relaxed Mind, A Peaceful Soul,
A Joyful Spirit, A Healthy Body & Heart full of Love.
Lot of success & Prosperity
All these are my Prayers for You. Wishing a very happy and prosperous new year 2011 to you and your family & freinds.
Virendra Bangroo
Before this eventful year fades into the sunset and the new dawn begins on the eve of the New Year - 2011, we wish you and family a newsworthy eventful year and lots & lots of Progress, Prosperity, Fulfillment,Success, Invigorating Health, Joy, Acknowledgements, admiration, Reputation, Bliss, Enthusiasm,**Thoughtfulness*, Humility, Nobility, Divine Blessings, Lasting Pleasures….
May all of these visit, reside and settle with you and family forever.
Rohit Saklani, Correspondent,

For the last 20 years I was heartening to see a plethora of K.P Associations revolving at mohalla levels, at district levels and even at state levels. Each association with a solitary aim of welfare of K.P society at the heart. But with passage of time the very pious aim of welfare seems to have evaporated in to the air and these associations are busy competing with each other in show business and in politicking. Instead of being complementary to one another some of them are at daggers drawn with each other and even don’t see an eye to eye with each other. Each one is busy in one upmanship rather than being involved in good of society. These associations have become tools for gaining political mileage for chosen few, who deliver great speeches full of promises as if they are going to change the world of fellow K.Ps. But alas in this race the basic objectives have been lost in bewilderment.

Keeping the overall benefit of society in mind all these associations should sit down and ponder seriously for a moment as to what has been their contribution to the society. Why they have grown more adamant and not learnt giving respect to each other. Why not stop picking holes in one another’s pockets and instead find strengths of each and consolidate those strengths for the overall solidarity of community. Why despite a 20 years struggle at various levels, they could not put a common front in the world to show case the difficulties they still face because of migration. Why they could virtually have no representative in the union cabinet / assembly or at international level. Why we are lacking in all these aspects in spite of being the one of the most intelligent breeds of India

I really have a dream of pooling together some of our great brains working in multinationals ,some great NRI's who could financially help the community but have no idea how to do that , some great engineers/ doctors/ lawyers of our community who have many feathers in their caps and are eager to come forward .

I have a dream of setting up an organisation set up or an N G O which can whole heartedly work for betterment of community in terms of.
(a) Health (b) Education (c) Matromony (d) Last rites etc etc

An organisation that can not only think of above auspects but also be in a position to generate enough resources to build virtual structures to solve above problems of our community .

This organisation shall not take honorary services of people, but pay the ideal remuneration instead. Because every human being can walk miles only if there is a goal/ inecentive in sight , thus with noble goal of societies benefit and with ideal incentive for work the brethren with expertise can serve the society better .

Cant we set up a K P hospital of the type of Appolo,which can charge for best services from haves of our society and utilise the same , for benefit of have nots?

Why cant we have colleges of stature of I I T for K P s where the rich can donate and the poor can be benefited.

We can have a ready to serve team for helping last rites of KPs, with all arrangements for a cost which may be higher for those who afford , and nominal for those who can not afford.

We can develope coaching institutes that would train our boys and girls enough to make a mark in IIT, IIM, and even IAS exams .

For all this we need to sit down and seriously think and work together , leaving aside our selfish goals, and work hard for society. This way a projected plan can be drafted by experts and intellectuals. They can join their heads together for planning, executing and implementing of concrete and practical ideas .

Meanwhile to immediately we can develope three web sites like:
1 K P Matrimonial
2 K P Live blood bank
3 Antim yatra

Since I have a dream, I hope many of K. Ps might have a similar dream for the better ment of K.P society . I hope all these interested can express there rich views and openions and enrich us intellectually and morally to make our community with sprit to serve each other and love each other more than we love ourselves .
Let the young folk come out with there view point and contribute to make our community young enough to live the longest
(These are my personal views and may be people will differ from my views that is why i request like minded peoples to correct me)
Wish a prosperous & pleasant New Year, 2011
The Year of surprises & wonders. The year of Universal movement to accomplish unfinished agenda of Bertrand Russel, Nehru, Martin Luther King for complete disarmament to achieve world peace which may find its desired place in the UN Charter with India’s leadership. Obama may pilot the move.
Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party
I am a regular reader of ur magazine.It covers all facets of our community.some of the articels r thought proviking &give insight of our rich traditions.

I would like to suggest that magazine should give more coverage on our value system, traditions, family norms & rich culture, so that our young generations realise what is so unique in our community.

Pepole in our community r by and large ecnomically welloff but what we r losing at fast speed value system. A community identiy is maintained only by its language & traditions.

Hope u will give consideration to my views
Thanking u, with all the best wishes &warm regards.
Dr. S.N. Kak
Dear Editor, Shehjar's cover design for December issue is a wonderful tribute to the artist of the century from Vally who contributed a great deal in art world .
Subash Razdan
Opinion on Rehabilitation of Kashmiris:
Kashmir is the beautiful abode on this earth where these terrorists have made their best efforts to make it a hell. In anycase the heaven could never be turned into hell ,by whatever one does. Many of the Kashmiri Hindus have to be leave their motherland for this reason. All these disposed Kashmiri people have been tried to be rehabilitated by the Indian Government and they are trying to catch their basic needs.
I have few suggestions for these Kashmiri people to prevent from further destruction:
  1. The government and the organizations must become effective in applying the laws strictly against any kind of violence.
  2. The governmnet and the organizations must effecrively help the people to preserve the culture and traditions of Kashmiri Hindus. Some of the local Kashmiri Hindus who are still living their must be trained with modern equipments to fight terrorism.
  3. Educational grants and medical grants besides house and food allowance must be provided for normal schools rather than just having schools in tens.
  4. Health camps must be intitiated by the government to take care of the patients for several physical diseases.
  5. Due to frequent loss of lives and fear and terror the normal psyche is disturbed hence the camps by eminent psychologists must be frequently managed by the government and the organizations. Even in terms of Curfew at least emergency medical arrangements must be available.

Dr Smita Pandey Bhat

It would have been better if the employment package would have been without additional tag that has made it draconian and kept a Damocles sword always hanging over the head of the restive employees. Kashmiri Pundits have otherwise also been working in the valley in different departments like the Civil Secretariat, AG’s Office, Engineering and Telephone Department without any tag but with additional security facilities.

Now our boys and girls, being helpless have taken the bitter pill for which they had no other alternative. They request that no commentary be made henceforth to endanger their risky endeavour.

Some of us to score points with the ones who differ in their view point continue to comment ignoring the request of the ones who have taken the unavoidable risk.

Let us pray for the welfare of our ambassadors and close any commentary on it.

February 2010, I along with my nephew Rahul carried the impression that the valley had come back to normalcy. We had decided to rebuild our houses that are in debris. Gillani’s Calendar from June 2010 washed our dream of return. No opinion can be made-all is fluid.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and not try to score points at the risk of our boys and girls.
B.K. Dass

Paviter Handoo

Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc.
Ever Since Congress Party came under the influence of Gandhi, the party adopted anti Hindu stance. To prop his own ideology, Gandhi always emotionally blackmailed his colleagues, sacrificed Hindu interests and pleased the Muslims. Finally he gave his life for the interest of Pakistan at the cost of Hindus.

His prodigal political heir Nehru also followed his footsteps. He took pride in saying that he was Hindu by accidental mistake (on the part of his parents!), he was bodily Muslim and an Englishman in tastes. It was India's misfortune that he happened to be the PM. Nehru and Gandhi, betrayed the interests of India in Kashmir and Tibet, the problems we are grappled with. The made Hindu hater Muslims equal partners in truncated India, when they had already taken away one third part of India as Pakistan.

Indira, without solving the Kashmir problem gifted away the territory to Pakistan and nullified the sacrifice of our Jawans.

Rajiv Gandhi got Indian soldiers killed for nothing in Sri Lanka and destroyed the constitutional institutions. His widow is now embarked upon on completing the left over task of destroying India and her culture.

Most of the coterie around Sonia and Rahul are Christians retaining their Hindu names to camouflage their real identity.

It is high time that Hindus should individually pledge to shun Congress party and identify it as totally anti Hindu out fit and unite their democratic efforts to throw Congress regime out of power for ever at the earliest Electoral opportunity.
Chand K Sharma
Shehjar is a commendable publication. My thanks and gratitude go to all those who make it happen. I know it takes effort and time to do anything. Organizing something like this confirms quality and passion.
Ajay Koul
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