KP'S holds Scooter-Car Rally on Homeland Day

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KP'S holds Scooter-Car Rally on Homeland Day
Jammu (India) December 28, 2010

Report & images by Raman Raina

Panun Kashmir held a massive Scooter- Car Rally to commemorate the Homeland Day here on Tuesday.

A large number of Panun Kashmir activists took out the rally which commenced from Roop Nagar and after passing through various localities culminated in Jewel Cowk area of city. Addressing the rally, General Secretary of Panun Kashmir- Kuldeep Raina said that the "Margdarshan resolution" passed on this day in 1991 is the only roadmap for the reversal of genocide and a nationalistic solution to the Kashmir imbroglio. He warned against ignoring the aspirations of the nationalistic forces in the state and succumbing to the blackmail of the separatists and terrorists.

He said that "Margdarshan resolution" is an expression for political empowerment of a community that has aced long persecution and which was hounded out of their homes and hearths. Accusing the Centre of trivializing the genocide, he said any attempt to ignore the aspirations of the community and to push it to the servitude of fundamentalists and separatists will prove to be counter productive for the community as well as the nation. He said that the community should also see through such machinations and resolve and frustrate such attempts, whether from within the community or from outside.

Asking the centre to revisit the Kashmir policy, Raina said that that the interlocutors, appointed recently by centre, lacked the will and desire to take cognizance of the aspirations of the true secular, democratic and nationalistic forces of the state.

On the occasion, O.N.Trisal- President ASKPC said that reorganization of the state with the creation of Homeland with UT status for exiled community is the only way to defeat the separatist politics in the state.

Raman Raina is Shehjar's Chief Photo Journalist based in Jammi, India.
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