Nature, Our Mother

The balance of nature is as steady as a painter’s hand
As surely as the sun is to rise over the land
The birds sing from their perch so high
And as the sunset paints the sky

God’s creations come to life
As the night dims away, gone be the strife
The peacocks dance to the song of the rain
Much lies for man to add to his personal gain

The hour is nigh
Let all the birds fly
As the leaves of crimson and gold
Flutter down with stories to be told

The snowflakes fall to the earth
To tell of the sky’s worth
As they whisper through the clouds of the new
The flakes of snow shine a sparkling blue

Spring has promised to bring back its green
And soon the slate of snow shall be wiped clean
The flowers celebrate as they push back through the cold
Animals and plants multiply tenfold

Young children anxiously wait for the return of the summer so hot
And the cool spring days shall be all but forgot
The sun’s rays beat down hard as the summer starts
Autumn peaks out once more as the curtains of nature do part

Man has endangered this delicate order of balance
Still man remains in a state of nonchalance
The snow that falls turns gray
So goes as the spring glory drains away

The summer becomes unbearably bleak
For man has added another tweak
To autumn they add pollution
And as they care not to find a solution

The future promises that we shall be causing our own demise
As man replies as though informed of no surprise
The animals cry out as they suffer for no crime
Why do the innocent have to suffer from the effect of man’s grime?”

The filth doesn’t stop there
It spreads misery everywhere
When the babies cry because of polluted sky,
And the children despair as they know that nature shall die

The elderly people respond not to their pleas
As they cut down protective trees
Many think man has no chance
But you can make a change in the future as you take a glance
Gaia has a wide range of interests including poetry, drawing, Tae Kwon Do, soccer, singing and piano. The daughter of Nikunj and Madhulika Jinsi, 12-year old Gaia studies at Hoover Middle School, Potomac, Maryland.
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