The beauty of Snow

The snow looks like a roaring river
With thousands of tiny fish
So that the clouds won't
Eat them.
When they fall on the ground
They can finally rest
On the other fish
Resting too.

I can see it.
Snow like the Ice Age.
Where ... no one could see anything but snow.
Where ... wild animals stormed everywhere.

When I went outside
Where the gusty winds stormed
A snowflake slipped into my glove
I observed it carefully
It didn't stay long.

I'm always going to keep this snowflake
In my memories
To remind me of this day.
Omisa is 10 years old and cites soccer, piano, and crafts amongst her many interests. She wrote this poem during a severe blizzard. The daughter of Nikunj and Madhulika Jinsi, she studies at Potomac Elementary School in Maryland.
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