KPUF holds its Annual cultural function

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KPUF holds its Annual cultural function
New Delhi (India) January11, 2010

Report & images by Sanjay Wali

Kashmiri Pandits United Forum (KPUF) organized Annual cultural function at Sathya Sai International Auditorium at Lodhi Road, in New Delhi.

This well attended function highlighted the rich culture of Kashmiri Pandits with performances ranging from dance, songs and skits. It showed how this community has kept its rich culture alive even when they left their homes in Kashmir more than 20 years ago.

While welcoming the guests, Sanjay Wali, president of the Forum said that the distinct socio-cultural legacy of Pandits was under severe threat after the migration from the Valley and it was a small effort from the organizers to freshen the sweet memories of the Valley.

The function was preceded by felicitating some members of the community who over the years have rendered selfless services for the Kashmiri Pandits cause. Among them
  • Monohar Trakru was felicitated with the Kalahan Award.
  • Late Naagarjun Ganju was posthumously awarded Kashyap Bandhu Award.
  • Sunil Shakdher, (Ex. President Kashmiri Samiti and Chairman SK Foundation)
  • R.K.Mattoo a renowned journalist,
  • Dr.Romesh Raina and Dr Shiban Kishan Durani (London) were felicitated for their long and continuous outstanding contribution to the Kashmiri community.
  • D.S. Negi former D.C. Delhi and former Chief Secretary Goa and Delhi was also felicitated for rendering commendable services to the community during 1990 to till date.

The thrilling performance by famous stage artists Anjali Kaul, Anil Nakashi and their teams, the melodious songs by Lovely Raina, and the mind blowing, dances, Rouf, Ladisha etc left the audience mesmerized.

Sanjay Wali is the President, Kashmiri Pandits United Forum (KPUF).
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