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Allotment of accommodation insufficient, impractical for married females
RKB Foundation demands more employee quarters at Vessu
Jammu (India) March 20, 2011

Report & images by King C Bharati

K Bharati Foundation (RKBF) while demanding construction of more quarters for the migrant employees at Vessu on war footing has criticized the government for treating migrant employees like sheep by thrusting four employees in two room quarters at Vessu.

Terming the allotment procedure at Vessu as insufficient and impractical, the Chairman of RKBF King C Bharati who visited the migrant employee quarters at Vessu on Thursday said that thrusting four employees in two small rooms with a very small kitchen was not only insufficient but also impractical particularly for the married female employees.

Bharati however praised the managerial skills of the incharge persons of Relief and Rehabilitation Department at Vessu quarters particularly Desh Hangloo (Vessu), Pyare Lal and Pawan Nehru (Hall) for making every sincere effort to help the newly recruited employees in allotment of the quarters despite a dearth of the sufficient quarters.

Bharati said that the employment package for migrant youth was to ensure their return to Valley in a relaxed atmosphere but the attitude of the government seems as if a great favour is being done to the community.

Sanjay Kumar an employee told the RKBF chairman that allotting two rooms to four married female employees’ was impractical as the children of the employees have no place to stay there besides there was not enough space in the kitchen to accommodate four different family kitchens.

Demanding construction of more quarters on a war footing and allotment of separate quarter to married employees on the pattern of employee couples, Bharati said that the work on the remaining quarters should be finished on war footing as otherwise the whole purpose of the package would be lost.

Hailing the support and love shown by the local population towards the returning employees, Bharati who visited a number of schools near Vessu like Manigam, Chak Kotwal, Boi Hama etc said that the migrant employees are being welcomed by the local people as well as the staff of the schools.

Bharati however regretted that despite a huge time gap the concerned authorities have failed to anticipate the accommodation needs of the employees like the accompanying children of the married employees particularly females while constructing the quarters.

He said that most of the quarters were still in the process of construction or finishing adding married female employees were being forced to look for private accommodation in the villages.

He warned that any lackluster attitude on the part of the government would not only fail the purpose of the whole package but also give rise to frustration among the newly recruited female married employees with the future of their children hanging in balance.

Meanwhile RKBF has also hoped that same love and affection would continue to be showered by the locals towards migrant employees as was visible during his visit to various villages and schools in the Valley.
King C Bharati is the Executive Editor of newspaper 'The Shadow'. The newspaper is widely read in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh besides some parts of New Delhi..
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