Kashmiri Lullaby and its meaning as I see it

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Kashmiri Lullaby and its meaning as I see it.
Anil Mattoo
This is the video about the Kashmiri Lullaby and its meaning as I see it. My urge to do this is motivated in part to keep the memory of my mom alive and through her to recognise the contribution of every Kashmiri Mother in the upkeep of our culture and traditions. It is my desire to continue to keep it alive in our hearts for generations to come as it has been done by generations before us. As you are probably aware that it has served as a poetic medium to pass down the essence of Kashmiri Pundit Culture to little ones from generation to generation. This speech I had given in front of over 200 Caucasian (of European Origin) Canadians in Vancouver to inform them about our rich cultural heritage. It was made in a manner to be comprehensible to foreigners who do not know anything about us.
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Wow -truly amazing.... Now i realise i may have learned illiterate version " ... Anum batukh ladum... Shal kich kich wanzaoo...brami daras ponyeh chukum ....tumhara baba chaloo ..."..... Is it possible to have good audio version of it ...stage presentation was little unaudible.... Also do we know what was the origion of labbaby.
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