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by Chamanlal Raina

by Chamanlal Raina

by Chamanlal Raina

by Chamanlal Raina
*Dr. Chaman Lal Raina is an Author & Researcher in Indic Studies, Fellow CSS, Florida International University. He did Masters in Hindi & English. Ph.D. in Hindi & Iqbaliat at the University of Kashmir. Worked on the research project at the Iqbal Institute for writing monographs on Indology as Research Associate. Worked as lecturer to teach research methodology in Iqbal Institute, University of Kashmir. Dr. Raina's first love is for the Vedas and the Shakti Tradition of India. To his credit goes some ten books on Indology. He was awarded Nagmani Fellowship, Buddhist Fellowship etc. from various Institutions. Presently Dr. Raina is associated with the Yoga Studies, religion and sanskrit at Florida International University, USA.
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It was a great feeling to see Dr. C.L.Raina paint in his open air studio under big mango tree in Miami in 2010.The restless energy of the strokes created by the instruments-at times carved out of traditional methods-the painting at the end burst into soulful melody and invigorate he on looker.
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It was a great feeling to watch Dr.C.L.Raina painting in open air studio under big mango tree. The restless energy of the strokes created by the instruments-at times carved out of traditional methods-burst into soulful melody and to invigorate on looker. Much like modern art movement, Dr.CLRainais creating his own movement of 'cosmic dance' which opens his energy channels in the body.His methods and style is to communicate his inner experience.
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We at Shehjar always welcome creative work in arts and literature. Sharing it and presenting it to a larger global audience gives us pleasure.
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Dear Editor Thank you for putting my paintings---"Art in Exile",in your esteemed E-journal.Giving space to my paintings in the " Shehjar" is a surprise to me,and a welcome step for me to create more abstract images. Previously also you had put my paintings in my write-up. I enjoy painting and calligraphy,as a part of my Sadhana.That is why I give the Sanskrit titles to my paintings. Regards Chaman Lal Raina
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