Some day I'll break free

Some day I’ll break free,
When I’ll find the real me.

I’m being surrounded by dark shadows.
An unknown fear that just grows.

I feel crippled under pressure,
Worse is everyone peeking while I suffer.

The doors to exit are closed now,
Need is to find a way somehow.

Don’t remember when the sunrays last touched me,
I’ve never felt in me such intensity.

I’ve even forgotten how I look,
Right now I am a closed book.

The book is full of heck, no one knows,
The damage has created inroads for sorrows.

Need is to find a breakthrough,
I can’t even wink until I get through.
Prateesh is a 23 year old college graduate living in Jammu. He started writing some 2 years back and gradually has developed love for it.
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Good one.keep the spirit going on
Added By komal aima
Itz really very gud. Keep it up prateesh
Added By shanu bhat
good work....keep it up...
Added By Vikas Raina