Pearl's Art Gallery


Pearl Raina (8 year old)

alented Pearl is only a 8 year old artist but is blessed with artistic fingers that can create some wonderful images. She is a second grade student at Stevens creek Elementary, Cupertino CA (USA). We saw one of the paintings posted on a facebook page by her mother Archana Raina and were impressed with the talents of this young artist. She has been painting since she was 3 years old. Her paintings are mostly based on spiritual themes. She does oil painting, water color, pastels and pencil/charcoal sketching. She loves to paint kids and babies the most especially her 4 year old brother Pranai Raina whom she adores a lot. We are presenting some of her paintings below.
Pearl's Art Gallery
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इस युवा कलाकार की प्रतिभा से प्रभावित है
Added By Sidharth Pandit
She has the making of a great artist. She should be encouraged to paint more and more.
Added By K L Chowdhury
Best wishes to archana didi and pawan bhaiya!!!! @SHEHJAR - Web Magazine for Kashmir:: Pearl's Art Gallery
Added By Virji Virender Sumbly
Lovely.... Kudos to our budding artist
Added By Anisha Seli Zaroo
Added By Jyoti Tikoo Sumbly
Great to see her paintings i m going frame that ganesh and krishna bhagwan photo. God bless both of your children. I loved it.
Added By Shiveta Pandita
She's got amazing talent, she deserves this! God bless her...Congratulations!
Added By Jharna Kachru Adalti
lovely paintings, very talented little Pearl!!
Added By Bharti Kaul
Awesome, Fantastic....GOD BLESS MY PALI>>>luv you so much.
Added By Ankur Koul
Truly proud of you Pearl !!!
Added By Amit Kaul
इस युवा कलाकार की प्रतिभा से प्रभावित है
Added By Bharti Suri