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Kashmiri Album of Leelas dedicated to Sharika released at KP Cultural Meet
Oakhurst, CA (USA) July 03, 2011

rs Sushma Kalla released her latest Kashmiri Album at 4th,Annual Kashmiri Pandit Camp held from 2nd to 4th,July at Yosemite-California. This Album comprises of 14 devotional Kashmiri songs and each participant family was given a CD free of cost. Dr Amrit Nehru of Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc introduced the well accomplished Kashmiri Singer who had come all the way from India to participate in the event and release the album. Dr. Kuldip Thusu releases the CD with a thunderous applause from the audience. The songs sung at the three days event were well received by the audience.

Ms. Sushma Kalla is a vocalist (light music) singer.
She did her master’s degree from Punjab University under the guidance of Pt Shamboo nath Sopori She did Sangeet Visharad from Prachin Kala Kendra Chandigarh.
She is an approved artist of AIR and has sung for Radio and TV .
She received training from Pt Bhajan Sopori and under his guidance recorded so many compositions for Radio and TV.
The famous one was:-
Wav sountuk gulan vanan chonuy;
Mane buziv yiman kalaman hosh ha hosh;
Boz bombrun soz lo lariye;

She lent her voice for TV serials of Doordarshan like Kehana Asaan hai; Lalded; Saye devdar ke; Hamsaya and many other to name a few.

She participated in 12th festival of Asian Arts in Hong Kong in 1988 under the leadership of Pt. Pran Kishore Kaul where she was one of the lead singer performers for all Kashmiri folk dances/creations.

She has been regularly performing for the cultural Programmes organised by various prestigious community organisations like Kashmir Sewak Samaj, All India Kashmiri Samaj, Panun Kashmir, KECSS, Kashmir Hindu Foundation California and has been felicitated by them with their awards and honors from time to time.

She has recently sung and composed a collection of Leelas namely “Walai Majay Yoory”,
for Sanchit Art, which was released by the galaxy of Kashmiri Pandit stalwarts of NCR and Faridabad Samaj at a glittering function held on Ramnavami day.

Being a member of the only International group Miltsar she participated in Boonyi the Chinar an ensemble of Music and dance of Kashmir in 1993 as a lead Singer at Sirifort auditorium New Delhi .

During Reshvaer Dance drama presentation she contributed to the beautifully conceived stage creation by Rev Shri R.K.Braroo an eminent director as a main lead singer. She was awarded with prestigious Kshemendra Samman by AIKS which she received from Late Shri J.N.Kaul.

During her more than two decades of musical journey she is being recognised as a musical icon and invited for judgements for musical competitions at State and central level programmes done by various organisations. She sings in various languages besides Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit.

CD's are available in USA from Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc (

Please watch one of the songs from the CD in the current issue of Shehjar in the Video section.

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