Bhagwan Gopinath Birth Celebrations

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Bhagwan Gopinath Birth Celebrations
Uttam Nagar, Delhi (India) July 03, 2011

uly 3rd is important for the devotees of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji as it was on this day in 1898 that he was born. On that day, Swami Vivekananda was outside Bhagavaan Ji’s ancestral home in Bana Mohalla Kashmir. Bhagavaan Ji appeared at The Tiger hill on 3rd July during Kargil war and Govt. of India issued

Stamp Issue Date : 03/07/1998
Commemorative stamp on Bhagavaan Ji’s 100th Birthday on 3rd July 1998.

Many devotees in Delhi region celebrated this day by distributing eatables & water to people in their areas same as Sikh brothers do it on the auspicous day of GuruParb.

On this day, a devotee of Bhagavaan Ji called the band to Uttam Nagar Ashram to celebrate the Mahotsav. It was an emotional moment as everyone danced with love and devotion. Even the band people stayed there for full day  despite their contract for two hours. They continued non stop for the entire period. About 500 people turned up to join the Mahotsav despite tremendous heat on this day.

We started the day with Pratah Aradhana which was followed by Paduka Puja and then Preypun (Janam Din Puja). This was followed by the Prasad distribution and Bhajan & Kirtan for the rest of the day. The days celebrations closed with the evening Aarti.

Ravi Kumar Koul

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A nice pictorial view of the event--revered as the Bab Bhagwan ji's Mahotsava. Best wishes,to the Bhagwan Gopinath Parivar
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
Very beautiful Murti of Bab Bhagwan ji. Please post the ARTI as well. Jaya Ji
Added By jaya Sibu