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International Science Conference- Presentation by Roma Raina
Crete (Greece) June 22, 2011
Mrs.Roma Raina presented her research-paper entitled ‘Fuzzy modeled Load Flow Solution for Three Phase unbalanced Radial Distribution Systems for Three phase system’ at an International Science Conference held in Crete(Greece) from 22 to 24th June 2011 recently under the auspicies of IASTED(International Association of Science and Technology) The presentation was highly appreciated by the scholars drawn from all parts of the globe. Chairman of the session had all the praise for her presentation. ”And, let me say, on this occasion, that the Paper as well as the Presentation by Mrs. Roma Raina was excellent - so, I believe, this fact should be duly noted!” said Professor Thales M. Papazoglou,of University of Greece .)

Mrs.Roma is currently working as Senior Lecturer(Engineering Faculty) at Manipal University, Dubai (UAE). She holds Btech (Instrumentation)Degree from REC Jalandhar and M Tech degree from Delhi College of Engineering (India).Roma is the daughter-in-law of renowned writer Dr.Shiben krishen Raina.
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