Shri Sharika Navami

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Shri Sharika Navami
(Haar Navam)

*Dr Chaman Lal Raina
अथ श्रीशारिका भगवती स्तुतिः
बीजैः सप्तर्भिरुज्ज्वला कृतिरसौ या सप्त सप्ति द्युतिः।
सप्तर्षिप्रणतांघ्रि पंकजयुगा या सप्तलोकर्तिर्हृत॥
काश्मीर प्रवरेश मध्यनगरे प्रद्युम्नपीठे स्थिता।
देवीसप्तक संयुता भगवतीश्री शारिका पातुनः॥
atha śrīśārikā bhagavatī stutiḥ
bījaiḥ saptarbhirujjvalā kṛtirasau yā sapta sapti dyutiḥ|
saptarṣipraṇatāṁghri paṁkajayugā yā saptalokartirhṛta||
kāśmīra pravareśa madhyanagare pradyumnapīṭhe sthitā|
devīsaptaka saṁyutā bhagavatīśrī śārikā pātunaḥ||

The month of Ashad according to the Saptarishi calender of Kashmir is an auspicious month,as the Ashad Saptami--Haar Satam, Ashad Ashtami----Haar Aitham and Ashad Navami--Haar Navam are the three days dedicated to the Surya--Shri Raginya and Shri Sharika respectively. These auspicious days generally fall in the month of July.

Kashmiri Hindus make a Haar Mandul, early in the morning in their yards,with different color powders,dried leaves , and rice flour giving it a shape of the Surya,and offer Naivedya to it. Some make this Mandala in their kitchens or in their Puja rooms according to their place availablity for it. Generally, the Aditya Hridayam is recited,for peace and progress. the Haar Mandala is the geometric representation of the Surya Mantra,which runs as;
ॐ सां सीं सद् सूर्याय नमः
om sāṁ sīṁ sad sūryāya namaḥ

People visit Tullamulla on the Ashtami, and offer milk, roses, lotuses, candy/Qand,Vyen leaves--grown on the streams around the Sacred spring of the Devi Raginya in the Tullamulla area.

On the Navami devotees pay their obeisance to Shri Sharika Devi at Hari Parbat. This day is considered as the appearance day of Shri Sharika.

Shri Sharika Bhagawati is the presiding Deity of Satisar, known as the abode of the Divine Mother Sati--the Shakti of Shiva.

Her Bija Mantra consists of Seven Sanskrit letters.She is always filled with the highest form of brillance,which the Yogis see through their intuitive mind. Her cosmic radiance is vibrant filled with all the colors, as seen in the solar rays.

She is revered by the Seven Rishis,which are being invoked in the traditional Naivedya Mantra of the Puja. Her eyes are but the soul searching lotus eyes. She is the Supreme sovereign mother of the Seven Lokas--the planes of higher consciousness.

Her abode is the Pradyumna Pitha,revered as the Shri Sharika Parbat. She is seen in the seven musical tunes, of the Sharika Sahsranama.

Sharika is the helping Mother and the sovereign sweetness of the Agamic shastras.,filled with passion for spirituality and purity of purpose--Dharma--Artha--Kaama Moksha.Her mothrly nature helps us to move from ignorance to illumination. She is to be seen as a whole of the chakreshwara and in the eternal concepts of Varnamaala--known as Divine Vibration/Spanda.

The Chakreshwara is a divine retreat from the fundamental concept of the Shakta tradition.

Her symbols are not the parts but the whole of the Upanishidic thought of Tat Tvam Asi.

Chakreshwara is a wonderful pilgrimage of the highest order in the Agamic tradition of Kashmir. When watched by the closed eyes, the devotee seees Her in the inner recesses of his/her heart. The universal strengths get linked with the कादि विद्या---kādi vidyā Bija Mantras which are all based on the

्री विद्या शांत मूर्ति--śrī vidyā śāṁta murtī.She carries the trident,which conveys the concept of All in One--Brahma-Vishnu Maheshwara are the Tridha Chetana of the Shakti tradition. She has made Bhu Bhuvah and Swah,as the triadic abode of spiritual enlightenment. She is Durga, godess of the proud and strong and Lakshmi,queen of the fair and fortunate.Above all she is the loving Mother for the devotees.
*Chaman Lal Raina is author and a researcher in Indic Studies. His area of interest is in calligraphic and abstract paintings.

Illustrations and paintings in this article are by the author.
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