Ammajis 'Cultural shock'

Kashmiri Comedy Skit: Ammajis Cultural shock
The characters in this skit are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead may be purely coincidental.
Venue: KP National Cultural Meet 2011 at Yosemite, CA (July 3rd, 2011)
Written and Directed by: Chandramukhi Ganju
Ammaji: Chandramukhi Ganju
Bobuji: Deepak Ganju
Son: Kuldip Thusu
Daughter-in-law: Kajori Thusu
Daughter: Ashima Thusu
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Amma ji skit deserves every appreciation for being an Ammaji The choice of words employed by her takes me back to seventies,when such a dialogue would take place in general,where the daughter-in law used to be a working lady, in a Kashmiri house.Her concept of TchhyoT has really created many problems in the then familes.Amma ji is a typical "Batyen",with preference for her Shawl.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
What an amazing skit? Very funny. Had a good laugh.
Added By Vinod K Kaul
बड॒ मज़॒ आव, अम्माजी हॅंज़ अॅकटिंग छ॒ प्रफॅक्ट !
Added By Anil Hashia
Deepakj ji lovely skit. Tell chandra didi after a long time enjoyed some skit.
Added By Monica Khazanchi
this skit made me laugh my belly out ...awesome job......
Added By Arusana Handu
Nice one after a long time Deepak ji all the best!!!
Added By Anil Ganjoo
Hilarious and theme based skit. Good job Aamaji as usual. I feel bad for Ammaji. She is still missing nabad nout. Lot of people may not be knowing what nabad nout is? I doubt if it is still available. It is been long time when I have seen nabad nout. Keep it up
Added By shama gurtoo
Ammaji skit is always a treat. I wish audio was better. Missed lot of good dialogues. Deepak ji can u post with better audio. I understand it is hard to cash better audio from distance. Other than that skit is uproarious. Ammaji’s body language is enough to portray the skit.
Added By Sanjay zadoo
wow bobu ji, muni badnam and bobu ji's dance made us laugh to tears.
Added By nimi razdan
Very nice to see Ammaji in her traditional role of mother-in-law. Could not stop laughing at Manmohan joke and confusion of Ammaji between "Massi" and Macy's store. Audio could have been better. Overall an excellent show.
Added By Sanjay Sapru
Great performance and very funny.
Added By Dalip Raina