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"The Braves Arise "

by Arman Koul
(Age: 11 years)
When I was a baby just about one

I was afraid of the bright sun

When I looked up, up in the sky

Every time I looked, it hurt my eyes

When I was a toddler just about two

I was afraid of peek-a-boo

As I could not find my parents for a while

Till they would come back with a wide, big smile

When I was a kid just about three

I had a fear of Chucky Cheese

He was a huge rat, big and scary

No offence to him but also a lot hairy

When I was a kid just about four

I was afraid of a lion’s roar

The lion with its huge daunting claws

Showing off his strong, unforgiving jaws

When I was a kid just about five

I was frightened by very sharp knives

So sharp and so shiny, cutting up the food

When my mom was chopping I would not intrude

When I was a boy just about six

I was afraid of getting pricked

The pain was certainly not fun

And yet my fears had just begun

When I was a boy just about seven

I was scared of this man who was 6-11

He towered above me like a very tall tree

To him I must have been the size of a pea

When I was a boy just about eight

I was afraid of others’ hate

What others thought meant so much to me

With everyone else I had to agree

When I was a boy just about nine

I was afraid to decline

I couldn’t say no to many requests

Thought I did really try my best

When I was a boy just about ten

I swore I would be afraid never again

But many fears would come back to haunt

Then Hanuman Chalisa is what I would chant

Now that I am eleven

I must say

No longer am I afraid

Be it night or day

*Arman Koul is a 11 years old, 5th grade student from Andover, MA. He enjoys reading, music and sports, not necessarily in that order.

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Arman your chronology of fear of first 11 years of your life is amazing.You are endowed with a sharp memory unlike others.It is a feat of genius.I envy you and your capacities.
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