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Standup Kashmiri Comedy
Maharaj Koul at KOA East Coast Camp 2011

Venue: KOA East Coast Camp 2011 at Lake George, NY- USA (July3rd, 2011)
Video Edited by: Umesh Kaul
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Mr. Koul ,very nicely presented.
Added By Vikas Bhat
awesome... i am loving it and certainly will share the videos WITH all.
Added By eshan trisal
ChandraJi ~ you are no less. This years Amma ji was outstanding.
Added By Rajeev Sumbly
Amazing Talent !!Very Nice and refreshing. Kudos to Shehjar to post all three parts in very user friendly format
Added By Rajeev Sumbly
Just amazing and beautiful!
Added By ashok Bhatt
Mr. Koul is a true professional humorist. His personality, humor and presentation gave me goose bumps and made me laugh to tears. What a hilarious presentation!!!!!
Added By Chandramukhi Ganju