The Core of the Sun

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didn’t realize it and unobtrusively of late, reading of obituaries has become my essential activity. Well I don’t think I am the only one who does that and many more join me in this exercise and scan the pages of dailies that are delivered at our doorsteps everyday. Who departed this materialistic world recently has taken some interest in my daily routine. It was not my engagement earlier but now it seems I have a need to catch up on this and take note so that I am not taken unawares if I happen to meet the guys up above in the heavens soon after my own departure. I have in fact myself been looking out for that suitable piece of obituary that I like my son to put up when I die and I kind of visualize how mine will be worded. Sometimes I fret it may not appear at all if my son decides it is not that important. It would perhaps be the only time you could see me in the newsprint with a photograph by the side of my little achievements that no one may really care about. I have in fact saved some beautiful pictures of mine that I keep close at hand when my son looks out for these for publication and I make sure I have the one where I look just a bit younger and the face kind of familiar to those who have not seen me for a while. How else would anyone recognize me and connect with the person who died without saying adieu. It is not my intention to announce my departure beforehand.

Love is a synonym to assure folks on earth that they tolerate each other and when you are gone no one cares the fig about you. Yes there is a lot of show put up to ostensibly please the departed soul as it is considered it would be watching the place for about 10 days after death when it disappears having fully realized the futility of connecting with those whom he lived with and tolerated as they did him or her. A show of grief is just a temporary phase that soon vanishes like a whiff of smoke. It is different in heaven where love is an experience never to be missed. There may not be any soul connect in the form of a blood relationship, but the bonding is more firm and potent because it is the ultimate relationship of love that only god can make you experience. The boundaries of the biological chord are absent and the true meaning of love becomes perceptible.

That is the time when you are fully blessed as a human being and your journey prepared to begin the worldly excursions all over again. Back on earth you get a chance to promote the culture of love that is taught you in the heavens, but unfortunately the soul gets corrupted even before you realize what you really are and why you are here. The only time you see the purity of the soul is when the child is just born and still fresh from the heavens from where the journey of life begins. The cycle of birth and death continues until some of these souls remember the ways of god and it is they who attain the status of godly credits that keeps the true love alive. We call them saints.

But I am no saint, not as yet until I learn to assimilate the godly things that get taught up above in the heavens. There are perceptibly no differences that separate you from another soul up in the heaven. There are neither religious divides nor segregation due to the boundaries we have drawn in the world we live in. Surprisingly the gods we pray to on earth may not be seen anywhere around in the heaven and if you happen to ask for them it may invite an astonishing look from the saintly patrons of the heavens who will emphatically deny existence of such personae. For that matter they may also deny that anyone was sent as an angel or a prophet to the world at any time in the past. We may be told that these were people with saintly intentions who wanted peace upon earth even if that was sought by creating a war. The history of our culture stands to prove that point.

And it is inside the core of the sun where the real heaven lies and no one is allowed to come closer. It is the sun’s glow that generates life and preserves it and destroys as well when the purpose is fulfilled. The functions are akin to the Trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh that has influence over the mortals and the immortals alike in all forms of its function and in equal measure. It is assisted in this mammoth task by an army of gods who are known and worshipped on earth and have temples of faith built for them. This legacy of faith has been left behind by all heavenly souls that set foot on earth from time to time to enrich the morality of mankind. The force of faith is so potent that it can change lives and force the events to accommodate the need of the day. Anyone trying to dispel the concept of faith gets destroyed. The dead souls from the earth find no place in such an environment and they get parked in their own cozy heavens where they await further deployment as per the progress report of their previous birth.

You may as well wonder what they eat in the heavens. Nobody cooks anything in there. The food there is abundant and all you have to do is just pick it up. Mostly the food grows on tress in the form of fruit and on ground in the form of shrubs and herbs that need no cooking. You just reach out or bend and pick up the food from under your feet. You don’t have to kill any one to make food. No one in heaven eats another’s meat. No one there is a flesh eater. And there are no animals in sight. May be the animal souls get parked elsewhere. The food is there and it is in plenty for everyone and it is different. There is a variety of fruit that you may never have seen or tasted before and so tempting you just pop it in the mouth as and when you feel hungry. But seriously I don’t think food is for hunger. Nobody there is hungry. It is kind of God’s pharmacy that is at work. These shrubs and fruit clean up the toxins that get accumulated within, while living on earth.

And my description of life in the heavens will be incomplete if I do not state that nobody wears clothes there like the ones that make you look different on earth. There is hardly any need for covering yourself as everything in the heavens is transparent and there is no imbalance of weather patterns that would require a cover for the body from such elements of nature. It is kind of the fact you are the nature itself. We have to understand that true life can be lived just by emulating this concept, except that the extra abilities that god bestowed upon us are never correctly utilized and instead made to create imbalances in our lives. We may proclaim faith as the driving force for all our activities, but seemingly faith has become a negligent factor in our living process. We may swear by faith but crucify the concept with our egotism and devious disposition.

And believe me scanning the pages of obituaries is not for nothing. You are simply preparing yourself for that great journey which others before you have already begun. You silently pray that their journey is as smooth as you would like yours to be.
Shri BL Dhar was born and brought up at Srinagar. After completing his Master’s Degree in Mathematics he ventured out of the state and found a job in the Civil Aviation Department joining as a Gazetted Officer. His area of activity was at Delhi and Mumbai International airports. He was selected to undergo training at the school of aviation; Luxembourg under the UNDP program and later posted at the Corporate Headquarters in New Delhi. He had in the meantime joined the newly formed PSU, Airports Authority of India, from where he retired as a General Manager in 2000. He has written innumerable articles about aviation that was published in the house magazine. He is now settled in Delhi and keeps his interest alive in writing..
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