Kashmiri Krishan Leela

Kashmiri Krishan Leela
Kashmiri Bhajan "
कोनय क्रिशन छुहन हेछनावान?"

Also plays in iPhone & smartphone applications
Singer: Gulzar Ganai and party
Kashmiri Bhajan: Konai Krishan cchuhan Heshnavaan
Video produced & Edited by: Deepak Ganju
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Refer the comment by Bhawna. How sad! Singing of a Bhajan by a non-Hindu wrong?
Added By Deepak Raina
What a myopic view? Some of the most famous and popular Hindi Bhajans have been sung by none other than the greatest singer of India Mohd Rafi. When can we grow and come out of this shallow view. No doubt Hinduism is shrinking because of such people.
Added By Sunil Raina
I am so sorry to see that Shehjar has allowed a Krishna Leela, sung by (not believers of Lord Krishna and true representatives of a community who advocated Hindu exodus, killing and such). It is the last time I would read Shehjar.
Added By bhawna bhatt
Nice song of bal krishan, I have never heard this leela. Just on time video.
Added By rema kaul