श्रीमदभागवत पुराण


Dr. H.N. Patwari

Acharya Dharamkirti has enumerated five characteristics of ennui and stupefaction. One of them is to consider a scripture perfect and authoritative. The tendency to consider a religious book not only sacred but authority is widely prevalent among gullible followers without having any knowledge of its essence and contents, though most of the contents of these “holy” scriptures have been proved fallacious on the basis of reason and reality. Today when scientists have proved that the distance between earth and Moon is about 384403 Km’s and the distance between earth and Sun is about 150 million Km’s, what is the sense in asserting that according to the Vishnu Puran, the Sun is near the earth and the moon is far off? Everyone knows that the knowledge of Puranik’s about Astronomy and other sciences was very limited and almost ridiculous and their imagination ran riot when they made these claims. There is still large section of bigoted die harder’s who are not only proud of supposedly great legacy of Purana’s, but also make loud declaration that most of the scientific discoveries are exclusively based on “scientific” Hindu scriptures and have been stolen by western people.Shrimadbhaghwat Puran is one of the Maha Puranic texts of Hindu literature and is full of devotion for Vishnu and Krishna. Said granth consists of 12 Skandas[cantos] with 18000 verses.

The Shrimadbhaghwat Puran occupies place of great reverence and honor among Hindu’s in general and among Vaishnav community in particular. On the basis of ancient tradition Bhaghwat Saptah [recitation made for seven days] is often organized with great religious exhibitionism along with rhetoric expression in praise of said Puran. Although Shrimadbhaghwat Puran is full of absurdities and idiosyncrasies, yet I have herewith selected few wonderful and miraculous “discoveries”of Puranic era for the information of worthy readers.

1. Have you ever heard about scented excreta having fragrance in air up to ten Yojnas [about 30 miles]?Saint Rishibdev performed all day to day functions while sitting or sleeping and never stood up. His body remained immersed in his excreta [faecal and urine ],yet fragrance of his scented excreta was felt around 30 miles. [Ref.Bhaghwat Puran,Skand 5,chapter5]

2. King Yuvanshava had no son and retired together with his wives in a forest. In order to help king ,seers were merciful with him and accordingly arranged a fertility ceremony known as Indra –Yajna.King one night being thirsty entered the sacrificial arena and seeing all the seers fast sleep,he drank sanctified water that was meant for giving birth to a child. Thereafter when the time was ripe, on the lower abdomen of King Yuvanshava itself at the right side, a son was born with all the qualities of a good king, who was later known as King Trasaddasya. No doubt, modern medical science [obstetrics] today does not have enough expertise to repeat such wonderful achievement. [Ref.ibid-Skand 9, chapter 6].

3. When King Vena died without having a son,the wise man decided to churn the thighs of the dead King with great force. Thereupon a person named Bahuka [the dwarf] was born who later attained the status as King Nishada. His descendants were thereupon called Nishada’s. Again a case of extra-ordinary achievement which cannot be repeated today despite tremendous advances in medical science. [Ref.Ibid,Skand 4,chapter 14]

4. There are four mountains in the four directions of the Sumeru mountain-Mandar in the east, Merumandar in the south, Suparshv in the west and Kumad in the north. All these four mountains are like the legs of main mountain. The area of each is described as 80’000 miles. Each of them has one tree on its top-Mango,Roseapple,Neulea and Banyan. They serve as their flags and are 1100 Yojnas [about 3300 miles] high.[Ref.Ibid.Skand 4, chapter 6].

5. King Satyadhriti was an expert in archery. His son Shardwan ,after seeing beautiful Urvashi could not control his carnal desire. His semen falling on a clump of S’ara grass, resulted in birth of one male and one female child. King Shantanu while wandering in the forest took both children out of compassion, named the male child as Kripa and female child as Kripi, who later became Dronacharya’s wife. [Ref.Ibid,Skand 9, chapter 24 ].

6. After getting semen of Kashypa deposited in her womb, Diti was afraid process will destroy the power of others and lead to complete darkness in all directions, like a fire loaded with too much firewood, retained said semen in her womb for 100 years. [Ref.Ibid,Skand 3, chapter 15].

7. Thereupon finding fault with her, Indra master of Yog-Maya and mystical powers, entered the womb of Diti, when she was sleeping. He cut the embryo, that had a golden appearance, in seven pieces with his thunderbolt and then further divided each piece into seven pieces. All cut pieces with folded hands said,”O’ruler, why do you want to kill us, we are your brothers.” [Ref.Ibid,Skand 6, chapter 18.]

8. During battle between the demigods and demons, demigods rode Elephants, Camels ,White and Red face Monkey’s, Tigers and Lions. Some of them rode Vultures, Eagles, Ducks, Hawks, killer Whales, Buffalos, Cows, Bulls ,Jackals ,Rats ,Lizards ,Rabbits , Goats ,Black Deer ,Swans and Boars. [Ref.Ibid ,Skand 8, chapter 10 ].

9. Raja Priyvat , in order to convert night as brilliant as the day, followed Sun seven times with identical speed in a Chariot. While following the Sun, wheels and rim of his Chariot made trenches which ultimately resulted in emergence of seven seas. The whole process divided the heavenly sphere around the earth [Bhu-mandal] into seven islands. [Ref.Ibid.Skand 5, chapter 1].

10. There are seven seas on the earth. One is full of saltiest water; the other contains pure water; the third is full of milk, the fourth is full of ghee; fifth is full of sugarcane juice; sixth is full of liquor and the seventh is filled with sweet water. [Ref.Skand 5,chapter1].

11. God Shiva smitten by the glamour of the ravishing beauty of Mohini and not being able to keep his eyes off her. Well formed glory of Mohini pleased Shiva and he went shamelessly after her. Naked Mohini felt embarrassed and tried to hide herself behind trees. Lord Shiva exited with lust just like a male elephant caught her by the braid of her hair and pulled her close to his body against her will. Mohini with scattered hair ,squirmed like a snake and managed to free herself. She ran quickly and her heavy hips precipitated illusionary potency of the lord. Of lord, who never spills in vain ,went after her like a mad bull chasing a female, could not further control his carnal desire and subsequently his semen got discharged . All those places where his semen fell, got converted into silver and Gold mines. [Ref.Ibid,skand 8,chapter 12 ].

12. Disrespected by his son ,who refused to follow his orders, Brahma could not control his anger. During angry state of Brahma ,a child was born instantly between the eye brows of the lord. The child had a color composed of red [for passion] and blue [for ignorance]. [Ref.skand 3, chapter 12 ].

13. Brahma once became concerned about creation of living creatures. Thereupon in an angry state of mind lord demolished his own body.O’Nidura, from the hairs falling from that body, the beings without limbs were created. From their crawling bodies, the snakes and cobras came into existence. [Ref. Ibid ,Skand 3, chapter 20 ].

14. When the creator of the world, one day wondered, how he should create all the three worlds, exactly the way they were before ,the Vedic literature consisting of four Vedas manifested itself from his four mouths. [Ref. Ibid ,skand 3, chapter 20].

15. In order to avoid anarchy after the death of King Nimi ,great seers churned the dead body of deceased King and accordingly one male baby was born. Due to his uncommon birth , the newly born baby was named as Vaodeha [free from a body]. [Ref., Ibid ,skand 9 ,chapter 13.].
16. As a wedding gift, King Naganjit ,presented the mighty king, ten thousand Cows ,three thousand excellently dressed maiden with golden ornaments around their necks , nine thousand elephants , a hundred times as many chariots ,with a hundred times as many horses and to that a hundred times as many as there were horses. [ Ref. Ibid ,skand 10 ,chapter 58 ].

17. Infuriated Balram with the tip of his plow ,tore close the city of Hastinapur and dragged whole city with the intention of throwing whole city of Hastinapur deep into the Ganges. [Ref. Ibid,skand 10, chapter 68 ].

18. While lord Brahma was deeply involved in his thoughts ,suddenly one male baby ,equaling to one thumb, emerged out of the nostril [varah-shishu] and within the divine presence attained the body of adult elephant. [Ref. Ibid, scand 3, chapter 13 ].

19. When two seers namely Mitr and Varun saw sexy beautiful Orvashi ,both of them could not control their carnal desire. In the state of extreme excitement ,their semen got discharged which was deposited by them in a nearby pot. After some time ,two male babies were born out of said semen who later became famous as Agastya and Vashishta. [ Ref. Ibid ,skand 6, chapter 18].

20. Tail piece :-
King Ugarsen had one neel army personal. [Ref. Ibid ,scand 10, chapter 90 ]
Note:- One neel consists of 1,0000000000000 men.
Dr. Hirday Patwari had early education at St Josephs school and college at Baramulla [Kashmir]. Professional qualification from M.N. Ayurvedic College Asthalbohar Rohtak then Punjab now Haryana in year 1966. Joined Jammu Kashmir Ayurvedic health services as Medical Officer in year 1967 and retired as Deputy Director in year 2002. Social activist and rationalist. Awarded national award and prestigious fellowship of national academy of Ayurveda, health and family welfare,Govt. of India,on 28th March 2011. Life time achievement award, at India international centre, New Delhi, on the occasion of World management congress.
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