MESSAGES to Shehjar for its 4th Anniversary Edition

MESSAGES to Shehjar for its 4th Anniversary Edition

Shehjar is now 4 years old; not a baby anymore but is still able to touch many an emotional chord among Kashmiris and Kashmir lovers. It is a miracle that Shehjar not only survives but thrives, continuing to grow at an unprecedented pace. Your online magazine is now counted as a top electronic publication on Kashmir and a vital source for news, views, analysis, entertainment and education. We thank you for being with us to share in this achievement.

To those of you who have sent the following messages for Shehjar on this occasion, we are grateful to you for providing us many causes for our being:-

The world is shrinking at an alarming rate courtesy the different modes of communication these days. I could discuss the change that Shehjar and the level of awareness it has brought in us, with prople living in all parts of the world. Long time ago, you were kind enough to do a spotlight section and I was fortunate enough to be featured. Imagine my pleasant surprise, when we went to Delhi for our son Karan's Yagyanopavit, so many relatives came up and congratulated me on the feature!!!

Shehjar is a very forward looking magazine, and most important is easy to understand. It vibes well with the young generation.
Geetanjali Dhar, Hongkong
It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction and pleasure that Shehjar is thriving after 4 years of existence. This can be achieved only through dedication team work.

I congratulate the team for this achievement. It makes all of us, scattered around the world, who love their Kashmir, proud and happy.

This is one magazine that is regularly being received and its editorial content is outstanding. This is the secret of success of this initiative.

I make it a point to forward the magazine to my 90 year old father who can not hide his nostalgia and goes through every word of it. This gives him enough material to reminisce and talk to to my 85 year old mother. His eyes light up when he talks of the days in Kashmir. I also forward to my children settled in far off places including the US. Shehjar perhaps is the only means for them to get a glimpse of our roots. It would therefore not be wrong to say that the magazine is serving a string of generations invoking nostalgia in some and fulfilling curiosity of their roots in others. All this helps maintain our cultural identity which has been so fragile.

Please keep up the good work.
Best regards,.
Virji Koul, India
एक विश्लेषन
शेहजार की चतुर्वर्षीय यात्रा---
एक सांस्कृतिक यात्रा

चेतना भी शक्ति भी सौहार्द भी
साहित्यिक विश्लेषन शेहजार के पन्नों में है।
सुन्दर भावों से पूर्ण, कश्मीरी सहित्य की
अभिवृद्धि में तत्पर--कलाकृति से, चित्र दीर्घा से
'ई' पत्रिका है जन मानस की ।

लेख, कविता, कहानी विधाओं से भरपूर ।
"कोशुर साल" पर आधारित
सुन्दर प्रारूप में पिरोकर
अनोखी "ई--- वीडियो प्रदर्शिनी" के द्वारा
पाठकों के सामने प्रस्तुत करने में

आपसी सौहार्द को प्रशस्त करने में
शेहजार की बहुत अच्छी है भूमिका।
अपने भावों को,विचारों को,
साहित्यिक क्षमताओं को पहुंचाने में

सफल रहा है शोध प्रसारण "शेहजार" ....
साहित्यिक साधना के द्वार खुले हैं..,
आत्मीयता के द्वार बने रहे हैं
शेहजार की चतुर्वर्षीय यात्रा में।

- जया सिबू
Myself Gayatri Koul, I am a student staying in Pune. It feels great to know about the updates through Shehjar (electronic publication). I am thankful to you for taking up the responsibility for bringing Kashmiris together through news, entertainment, views analysis and education. Its great to be the part of Shehjar. Thanks alot,
Gayatri Koul, Pune India
Kindly accept greetings and felicitations on birthday of Shehjar. The magzine is a balanced mix of all the relevent topics that one may like to go through giving sense of all round happenings and keeping us in touch with Kashmir and its memories. It is a product of best coordinated effort of editorial staff, writers and content providers engaged in producing this wonderful magazine, and they all deserve a big thank you. I am looking forward to see the magazine reach newer heights in years ahead. .
Kamal Karihaloo, UK
Shehjar has been an excellent initiative right from start. It brings so many things across to all generations of Kashmiris. So much so that the wait for the monthly edition has been always worth a wait.
Hats off to the editorial team as well as the contributors.

Thanks & Regards,
Ashutosh Raina
Congratulations to Shehjar team on its fourth anniversary. Time goes so fast indeed. But when Shehjar was launched four years ago, I knew same time that this was going to be the magazine of global kashmiri Hindus and here it is even better than what I had envisaged. It has an attractive look, it is user friendly and at the same time it touches all aspects of kashmiri Pandit culture and way of life. I can assert confidently that Shehjar has emerged as the best e magazine and the best resource for Kashmiris.

Please continue your efforts with the same gusto and make it even bigger.

Best wishes for the continued success of Shehjar.
Jeevan Zutshi, Fremont USA
Shehjar on-line magazine has completed 4 years of its existence, thanks to the tireless efforts of two stalwarts of the Editorial Board- Arun Kaul and Deepak Ganju.

Though the prime motivating aim behind launching this magazine has been to project socio-cultural ethos of Kashmiri Pandits, which it has fulfilled in a very gracious manner, yet it has provided platform to young talents in our community to showcase themselves, thus bringing laurels to themselves and also furthering the cause of our great heritage.
Gopinath Raina, Miami USA
Wish you all the best for forthcoming issues of 'Shehjar' with the hope that at least your periodical will be bold, progressive, rationalistic and somewhat different from other periodicals of kashmiri pandit community.With best wishes..
Dr. Hirday Patwari, Jammu India
Shehjar has completed its fourth year of its E-publication. The editorial staff has been doing its job quite nicely. It covers the news ,poems in Hindi and English.

Write-ups in English on various topics,such as spirituality,personal memoirs, religion astrology,Let us learn Hindi and Kashmiri.The emphasis is on Kashmiri ethos and heritage.

The videos suggest a methodology of expressing the audio in motion.

These cover ----- Bhajans,conferences,skits and the Koshur Saal--an invitation to learn Kashmiri and Hindi,Kashmiri cooking in the Diaspora.

Paintings and drawings, also find space in the Shehjar. As I understand,the Editorial management is putting the pictures suitable for the topic and appropriate with each and every article,write-up,poem ,short story and other formats of literature.

This of course, is a wonderful job---,thus making the more attractive. It serves as a visual aid to go deep in the situation. The photo journalist does his job well.

The Chldren get encouraged,when they find their poems/articles published in this journal. Really,it stand with the aphorism SHODHA PRASARNAM SAM DARSHANAM--written in Sanskrit on the very opening page of the Shehjar.

I wish all the best for SheghjarE-journal

Dr. Chamanlal Raina, Miami USA


God bless u with nuclear/unending energy & best of health,for sustained propogation of the overall Kashmir Centric activities & Issues concerning the original Aborigines via Shehjar,

I wish all the success for your efforts in this regard. God bless u all in the family..
Er. Rajinder Raina, Jammu India

I wish Shehjar Team best of luck and hope Lord Ganesha gives you immense strength to keep this on for keeping our heritage alive.
Vindod K Pandita, Gurgaon India
Dear Editor, It is no doubt good efforts on your part to have such e-magazine which is the need of time n circumstances.

Good luck for 48th Edition..
Subash Razdan, Ghaziabad India
Dear Editor,
Your team deserves a special appreciation for keeping us rooted to our
"Mother Land" by your E - magazine. It is a great site as it covers everything that concerns a Kashmiri pandit.
Wish you all the best and I am sure that this magazine will continue keeping up the hard work.
Sunila Chaku
Dear Sir,
Many thanks for your mail in connection with the contributions and continuation of the Shehjar publication.I wish it kudos and all success. My best wishes for its continuing as our on-line community journal.

As experienced by me, I wish it had not discontinued the practice of publishing matter in Kashmiri language, using standardized Devnagri font for this language. Kashmiri is our mother tongue and all efforts have to be made for its continuation. I do agree in places far away from Kashmir- which provides a natural habitat for the preservation and perpetuation of our mother tongue - it is difficult and therefore an extra effort is to be made to practice this language in our homes and with our children. Kashmiri language has all along been a spoken language and without being the "lingua franca", or a medium of education or administration it did survive by being a spoken language alone. Now we have a systematic and scientific font, which is phonetic and computer friendly, it should be possible to preserve our mother tongue with some extra-effort of practice in our homes.

I congratulate you for your efforts and concerns for upholding our community interests and wish you all the best.
With warm regards,
Brij Krishen Moza, Calcutta, India
I wish Shehjar Team best of luck and hope Lord Ganesha gives you immense strength to keep this on for keeping our heritage live.
Vinod K. Pandita

If possible, please give me the details for yearly subscription. Best of luck and bright future ahead.

Dileep Tangnoo
I wish happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all members of SHEHJAR and also wish that Ganesha may bless it with expanding hands.
Jitendar Mattu
Ganesha will Bless all members of Shehjar and give us all Redhi and Sedhi.
Urmila Koul Sadh
Good efforts. Please keep it up; we see a bright future ahead.
Maharaj Krishan Monga
May your all hard work shower,
Like the full blown flower,
To spread the fragrance,
With the booming elegance...
May these lights,
Take all your plights,
And turn each dream of night,
In morns successful height

With love and best regards
Dr Smita Pandey Bhat
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great effort. thanks
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YET IT IS ONLY 4 Hope and pray there are many more!Thank you "SHEHJAR"and Good Luck!
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