Apex committee doesn’t represent Kashmiri Pandits

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Apex committee doesn’t represent Kashmiri Pandits
Jammu, India, september 02, 2011
anun Kashmir convener Dr. Agnishekhar questioned not only the veracity of the government’s stand on the sensitive issue of the proposed return of exiled community to Kashmir but the locus standi of the Apex Committee. The so called APEX Committee has no representative character, nor any mandate to speak on behalf of the Kashmiri Pandits and is fully sponsored by the government to play the role of sell out of the KP’s interests, as is fairly evident from their unqualified acquiesce in extending total co-operation to the state government to tag very harsh and draconian conditions with the PM’s Employment Package for the unemployed youth of the community. No stage managed and cooked up agreement entered into this sponsored committee and the government would be acceptable to the community which would treat the same as a ruse and a sham. The KP community will decimate and frustrate the sinister designs of these vested interests.

The state and the central governments are brushing under the carpet the core issue of exodus and genocide and treating it as a law and order problem. The exodus and genocide of Kashmiri Pandits has mainly been due to abject failure of state and central governments and only pampering to the wishes of muslim separatism in J&K state. The trend continues till date wherein the Chief Minister of the state is advocating clemency for the attacker of the Indian Parliament Afzal Guru.

Forcing few hundred unemployed KP youths to join government service in the valley under the PM employment package cannot be a yardstick for the return of displaced community. The return of the KP community is a political issue and needs a political solution. Dr. Agnishekhar said that the GOI should initiate a dialogue with Panun Kashmir who is ready with a blue print that envisages a permanent and an irreversible return of the exiled community to their homeland which is in complete conformity with the constitution of India.

Dr. Agnishekhar also vehemently opposed the move of rehabilitation of terrorists and ill advised move of the state government in granting amnesty to the stone pelting groups operating in the valley who are the ones intentionally working as pawns in the hands of the anti-Indian forces from within and outside the Kashmir valley .The enormity of death, destruction, and lawlessness caused by these elements in a well organized way deserved a strict legal action and not any amnesty.

Shri Vijay Bhat, President Panun Kashmir termed the move of amnesty as playing with fire and going all against the patriotic and nationalist forces and eulogizing the separatists and anti-Indian elements. Sanjay Raina, Secretary Political Affair’s committee demanded that the government should unravel the entire conspiracy of Stone Pelting agitation in Kashmir. Shiban Khaibri, Chairman, Media Committee said the situation was rife with uncertainties of all hues and any ad-hoc or patch work approach towards return and rehabilitation would prove counter productive. Sanjay Dattatarrya, National Cordinator Panun Kashmir termed both the moves as lacking substance and utility.
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