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Panun Kashmir Organized Martyrs Day at Jagti
Jammu, India, September 14, 2011
artyrs’ day (Balidan Divas) was commemorated by Panun Kashmir at Jagati near Jammu. A large number of members of the displaced community, men, women, and children participated, who with due reverence, remembered and paid emotional tributes to those who got martyred at the hands of the bigoted and frenzied elements, as a prelude to and aftermaths of, the forcible exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1989-90 from Kashmir valley.

The day reminds the community of martyrdom of over more than 1200 Kashmiri Hindu men and women who were killed and maimed for upholding Indian ethos, values of democracy and freedom of speech in Kashmir. The program started with holocaust dhun and floral and emotive tributes paid to the martyrs at the meeting preceded by recitation of the Holy Gita by Swami Kumar ji of Geeta Satsang Aashram.

The convener of Panun Kashmir, Dr. Agnishekhar presided over the function. While paying tributes to martyrs of the community, he reminded of treacherous killings of the innocent and peace loving Hindus. Dr. Agnishekhar expressed shock and dismay over the problems faced by the inmates of the tenements of the Jagati and urged the government to address them within a shortest time frame to the entire satisfaction of the inmates. He said that their martyr hood rejuvenates the process of the KP’s struggle for reversing the causes of genocide and exile by intensifying the struggle for getting a separate Homeland in Kashmir.

Dr. Agnishekhar reminded the huge gathering about the holocaust and exodus Kashmiri Pandit community was subjected to by separatists, gun totting Jehadi terrorists with active connivance of the local majority community. He said that the apartheid and denial of Political rights to the Kashmiri Pandit community continues till date. Dr. Agnishekhar put the community members on caution that the clap trap of govt. appointed interlocutors, advocates of autonomy, self rule or any other solution to the so called Kashmir problem in the back drop of granting amnesty and reprieve to killers and terrorists and plans for their rehabilitation, had nothing in their bosom to fit in any solution to the return of the exiled community to Kashmir and we reject ab-initio, all such proposals or impending solutions.

Sh Shiban Khabri chairman Media committee said that it was imperative to intensify the struggle for a separate Homeland in Kashmir. He said that KPs had to play a decisive role, now. Sh. Sanjay Raina leader Panun Kashmir said that attempts to triviliaze the issues of exodus and genocide by State and Central Govt will not allow to succeed. Dr. Khema Kaul national spokesperson of Kashmira Vahini said that Vahini will leave no stone unturned in getting readdressed the problems the people have been facing in Jagti.

Mr. Maharaj Krishen co-ordinator Panun Kashmir Jagti, spelt out the list of woes which they were subjected to after moving into these so called Jagti flats. He pledged that community will not allow the sacrifices of these martyrs to go in vain. Mr. P N Dhar leader Panun Kashmir expressed the same views and said that they were facing harassment in case problems faced were highlighted by them and also presented vote of thanks. Others who spoke in the public rally included Sarva Shri Vijay Bhat, and Sanjay Dhatattreya.

Sanjay Moza

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