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"Rang Rajtarangini” translated by Dr. Gauri Shankar Raina , received the NHRC’s award.
New Delhi, September 14th, 2011
ang Rajtarangini” translated by Dr. Gauri Shankar Raina, alongwith other books on human rights in Hindi received the NHRC’s biennial award for translation . The awards were presented by the President of the National Human Rights Commission, Justice K.G.Balakrishnan, in New Delhi, at an impressive function.

Justice Balakrishnan said that the National Human Rights Commission is committed to encourage publication of more books in Hindi on human rights given the fact that most of the books on human rights are available in English only. He said that people living in remote areas are not much aware of their rights and become the victims of human rights violations. Awareness about their rights in the language they can understand, would definitely improve the situation. He further said that NHRC would explore the possibility of getting translated all the books awarded by it for translation in all the major Indian languages for wider dissemination of information on human rights.

On the occasion, the awardees shared their experiences as writers and said that the recognition given by NHRC to their works will further motivate them to write on human rights. “Rang Rajtarangini” was the only book short listed in the translation category. Based on Kalhan’s Rajtarangini and originally written in Kashmiri by eminent playwright writer Motilal Kemmu, the book consists of two plays “Nagar Udas“ and “Shaap”.

Dr. Gauri Shankar Raina
The first play “Nagar Udas”, was staged a few years back as part of the National Drama festival, Bharat – Rang Mahotsva organised by the National School of Drama. The play, is based on the events of the last quarter of the 20th century and gives graphic details of the intrigues and sinister influences that marred the beauty and fate of Kashmir.

The other play “Shaap” is a nostalgic peep into the history. Both the plays are a mirror to the contemporary Kashmir.

Dr. Gauri Shankar Raina is a Chief Producer in Doordarshan. His work is a translation of a book written originally in Kashmiri by Mr. Motilal Kemmu and elucidating instances of torture and human rights.

Dr. Raina is a theatre person who from the age of twelve has been writing and directing plays like “Ek tha raja” , Harishchandra" etc. His love for theatre can be seen in his productions in TV like Angela , Bheegi dhoop, Adhikar, Anubhuti, Vidai , Bandhan etc.
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