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Every new morning brings me a hope,

Someday peace and happiness will prevail.

Present is spent in shaping our future,

Our efforts for peace shall never fail.

Let us share a common dream,

Let us rise together to weed out the foe.

Unity is strength and shall always be,

The seeds of love for sure will grow.

For our future generations that come,

Let us make the world a safe place.

We have one life to live on,

Let us live with dignity and grace.

Let the endless power of the Divine,

Help us on our way.

For peace and happiness of all,

Let us all, together pray.
Meenakshi Raina lives in Toronto, Canada. Passed her B.Sc Electronics from GGM Science college Jammu and Masters in Management Studies from MMS University, Mumbai in1997. She did her 10th standard from CASET Karan-Nagar and later migrated to Jammu after 12th.

Currently is in the process of writing a book - a historical fiction based on the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. She has been encouraged from the articles in Shehjar for providing in depth knowledge and understanding of Kashmiri culture and heritage.
very nice poem
Added By ojasvi kaul
hope springs eternal ...... it is only hope that can revive mankind from the worst situations. .....An inspiring poem with very positive message.Keep it up.
Added By kamakshi vaidya
hope is an inspiration an attitude a positive energy which makes us live our lives, thinking that one day we can be back to our dream place kashmir.and peace will prevail again in our pradise."rindh poshmal gendnae draye loaloo".your poem is very nice .all the best for your book and please contribute more articles.
Added By rohit kaul
Hope is the biggest adversary of hawkish separatists. Nice to have aspirations voiced. Good work.
Added By Nikhil V
Nice poem didi. Hope is what we need. Hope is what helps us reach our goal. Good work. Waiting for your book :)
Added By Indrakshi Wangu