The velvet touch - Deepali Wattal


Deepali Wattal

Kashmiri Song: Ba Chas Dramach Yaras Patay, Su kas Patay Gom
Video Interview with the singer



im your lights and light some candles and listen to a hauntingly smooth voice that can melt even the coldest of hearts. With a velvet touch and alluring disposition, she has the ability to capture the mood and emotions. Only a few, successfully master the art of capturing mood and emotion the way Deepali does. I happened to listen to one of her songs in 2005 when she was unknown and not so popular and it was then, I knew the great potential of this melodies singer.

Deepali is a versatile and an accomplished singer. She is a regular performer at various local and regional TV channels. Deepali received formal training in different streams of Music from Pandit Brij Krishan Shair at the age of 11. She has learnt classical music from Pandit P. N. Raina and light music from Pandit Shanti Koul. She has since 1980, received numerous recognitions from institutions like Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Radio Kashmir Srinagar, and various colleges and Educational Institutions. Currently working as Instructor (Lecturer) in Music (Vocal) in Institute of Music and Fine Arts, Jammu.

She started her singing career from 1990 and has sung more than 2000 songs in different languages like (Urdu, Hindustani, Kashmiri, Dogri, Pahari, Gojri, Ladakhi, Himachali, Bhaderwahi, Rajashtani, Gujarti and English).

Some of her playback singing in the Regional films.
  • Play back Singer in Punjabi Film “Main Paapi Tu Bakshanhar”
  • Play back Singer in Dogri Film “Kali Rain”
  • Play back Singer in Pahari Film “Lakeer”
  • Sung in more than 20 Albums in different languages.
  • Sung in various serials/musical programmes for Door Darshan Kendra and All India Radio, Jammu, Srinagar, Jalandhar, Kathua and Chandigarh.
  • Sung in various stage plays, Charity Shows, Musical Concerts in India and overseas in the USA, Germany, England.
Musical Albums Since 1990
  • Bachaes Darmach Yaaris Patay (Kashmiri)
  • Gaah – Songs of Habba Khatoon (Kashmiri)
  • Rindha Ho (Kashmiri)
  • Vesiye Su Gulfam (Kashmiri)
  • Yaad Pyom (Kashmiri)
  • Waala Mashoke Miyane – Songs of Raje Begum (Kashmiri)
  • Devotional Albums (2) of Krishna Joo Rajdhan (Kashmiri)
  • Zayestha Mata (Devotional Album) (Kashmiri)
  • Saroor - Bhajans (Kashmiri)
  • Songs of Habba Khatoon for KBC England (Kashmiri)
  • Vaen Posh (Kashmiri)
  • Su Maane Pooji (Gopinath) (Kashmiri)
  • Bhav Posh (Bhajans) (Kashmiri)
  • Aiete Rooz Madanvaro (Kashmiri)
  • Two Leela Albums of Bhawgan Gopinath (Kashmiri)
  • Aalau (Kashmiri)
  • Posh Puza (Kashmiri Bhajans)
  • Kashmiri Bhajans for Prem Sangeet Nikatan
  • Sohihniye Gujrani (Gojri)
  • Prem Rog (Himachali)
  • Thandiya Hawaavan (Himachali)
  • Saazna Tere Pyare Maa (Bhaderwahi)
  • Kachi Kali (Pahari)
  • Neelama (Himachali)
  • Dukhiye Kuhugayi (Gojri)
  • Saajna Dili Siye (Bhaderwahi)
  • Paren Di Yan Panjaban (Dogri Songs for T-Series)
  • Educational Musical CD’s for Hope International (English)
  • Soon Saz (Kashmiri)
  • Rongli Madani (Dogri)
  • Qatre Qatre Main Tu (Hindi)
  • Tu Hi Nirankar (Two Albums in Hindi)
  • Bible for the North Indian church (Two Albums In English)

Sung in Following Tele Serials and Programmes for Door-Darshan
  • REH-TE-AAB (Kashmiri)
  • SOUKH (Kashmiri)
  • ABHIMAN (Hindustani)
  • WAQTUK PARTAV (Kashmiri)
  • HANKAR (Urdu)
  • MANZIL NIKA (Kashmiri)
  • FIRDOUS KE NAGEME (Kashmiri)
  • NIMBAL (Dogri)
  • HEEMAL NAGRIA (Kashmiri)
  • ALAV (Kashmiri)
  • GULNAR (Kashmiri)
  • SOONSAZ (Kashmiri)
  • HARMALIYE (Kashmiri)
  • And Numerous other serials and Musical programmes for Prasar BhartiBroad Casting Corporation and All India Radio, since 1990.
Composed Music for the Following Albums/Serials
  • Leelas of Krishan Joo Razdan Vol. 4
  • Hits of Brijnath Hali (Kashmiri)
  • Hits of Deepali Wattal (Kashmiri)
  • Dhoop Chaven Tele Serial for Door Darshan Kendra.


Images from her performane in New York on October 22, 2011

Images from her performane in Miami, USA on November 5th, 2011
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Very melodies voice. A great feature on the artist.
Added By Vijay Koul
It would have been preferred if the interview would have been conducted in our own mother tongue (kashmiri )Nevermind there will be another occasion.
Added By Tej Shawl
Disappointed to see this interview of Deepali Wattal. She keeps referring to PoK as Azad Kashmir. As a Kashmiri Pandit,having spent considerable time growing in Kashmir, she should have been instead vocal of the struggle, pain, and humiliation that we faced at the hands of Islamic religious militants. The third person reference to India is shameful as well as grossly Anti national we should remove this interview...people should be held responsible for their words.
Added By B G