I've been walking alone

Will you be the One?

I've been walking alone
For a long time now
Will you be the one?
To hold my hand
& take me to eternity.

I've seen people
Teasing each other in the rain
Will you be the one?
To push me out
& make me feel the pleasure.

I dont know
What they mean by
"What a beautiful couple!"
Will you be the one?
To make me understand this
& let them call us one.

I've heard people saying
"Just come"
When asked "Where are we going?"
Will you be the one?
To take me to some place
Without letting me know where.

People say "you are not the best liar"
When they try to hide the truth
Will you be the one?
To say me this
& make me speak out the most unpleasant truths.

People say "Love fades with time"
Time is of no essence
Will you be the one?
To have faith in my faith
& come with me to a journey,
Where loving you is easier than breathing......
Prateesh is a 23 year old college graduate living in Jammu. He started writing some 2 years back and gradually has developed love for it. culture and heritage.