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Learning a language other than one's mother tongue is not difficult at all.We can learn it.But we need books, good teachers,and good syllabus.Our good teachers can be our our parents, and grand parents.For example. my mother tongue is Hindi, as I was born after Kashiri Pandit migration. Why I say so that my mother tongue is Hindi, because my Mom speaks Hindi.We spend more time with our Mom than our Dad.So we picked up Hindi very naturally. Our Dad speaks Kashmiri,but we could not be familiar with the speaking part of Kashmiri, we know the meaning of Kashmiri words,which are related to the day to day life in our home.

The name of Elders

The names of food stuff e.g.

  • Tomul for rice,
  • oat for Aataa.
  • Mogil Chaay, Sheer Chai, Nadir Churma,
  • Palakh instead of Paalak in Hindi,
  • Gogji, Muji, Modrair,
  • noon/nimak and other words related to our food habbits are known to us.
  • Treash, Nendir, Tuir--Sardi, pheran,
  • Weshun Poanya/Garam Ponya---etc. we understand well.

But to use in a sentence is a problem.

But I can understand rajasthani, I learn Sanskrit,and our medium of instruction in the school is English. I have to speak some sentences in Sanskrit,as I have to get better grade there. I pick up more words in Kashmiri, and the style of speaking---when my grand parents visit us and only speak in Kashmiri with us. we are bound to speak in Kashmiri with them.Though it is very challenging for us.

I think, we born after migration can learn Kashmiri, if our grand parents make us to talk in Kashmiri,and tell about Kashmiri culture and about Kashmiri heritage. I am proud to be the daughter of Kashmir.

Kashir Maij Sa'in!

*Vibhasa is a 9th grade student event coordinator at Sophia Senior Secondary School, Ajmer. She has interest in dance, debates, acting etc. Her extempore speeche on "Save the Water Resources" was greatly appreciated. She acted as Bhagat Singh, acted in a play on Mahatma Gandhi enacted on Gandhi Jayanti. She is a good orator, and has recited Hindi poems for Shehjar E-Journal. and the Hindi Program of the Radio Texas, USA. She is very proud of her Kashmiri heritage.
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Dear Editor, Thank you posting this article in your e-magzine.If the young children make an effort to learn Kashmiri,with the help of grand parents,then they would be able to speak as well. Through your publishing process, it will be easy for Kashmiri Children in Diaspora to pick-up words
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