Paintings by young KP artists


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"The Braves Arise "
Paintings by young KP artists
A Painting competition with 'Kashmiri Pandit' theme was initiated by KOA President, Paviter Handoo and entries were invited from community members in from the US. Entries were divided into two categories. Awards Selection Committee comprising of Mohan Bamzai-IL, Arun Koul- MA and Deepali Monga-CA announced the final selection of the winners. All children who participated in the competition were congratulated for their talent in drawing and their knowledge of Kashniri culture.

Shehjar is pleased to present these paintings to its readers.

Category 1 (8 and below 8 years old)

First : Ria Dhar, IL Age 8
Painting Name: Amarnath Shivji

Second: Iksha Hakoo, CA Age 6
Painting Name: Kashmiri Scene

Third: Vyas Dhar, NJ Age 5
Painting Name: Sunset on Dal Lake

Category 2 (Above 8 years old)

First : Anushka Shalia, CA Age 11
Painting Name: Kashir Koor(A kashmiri Girl)

Second: Pearl Raina, CA Age 8-1/2
Painting Name: Old Kashmiri Couple

Third: Ayushi Sapru, TX Age 9
Painting Name: Mata Khir Bhawani

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Good Job, Tiny tots and aspiring artists.
Added By Kapil Dhar
Best way to promote and preserve kashmiri culture - Catch them young". I am so very happy to see the imagination and artistic promise among the kashmiri children.
Added By Tej kishen Wali
I congratulate the budding artists for their in understanding the Kashmiri Pandit ethos,thus represnting it through art.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
the paintings done by chridens are wonderful, im loving it, should give courage to childrens to do so..... keep updating.. Thanks
Added By Bilal bhat