Koshur Calendar 2012-13

Koshur Calendar
Ready Reckoner/Panchang

Shehjar is pleased to offer dowloadable version of Koshur Calendar for the year 2012-2013 (Ready Reckoner Panchang) a free service made possible due to underwriting by some generous benefactors of KHF Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc,, a non-profit/tax exempt organization registered in USA. The calendar has12 beautiful scenic images from Kashmir. These nostalgic images from Kashmir printed in the Calendar are courtesy Kuldip, Kajori and Nandan Thusu.

Please do write a few lines or just a note of support and encouragement in the comments section to show your appreciation for this community endavour.

You may click on each image below to view a full size image or download a pdf version of the file at the end of this page. Please note that images and pdf files are copyrighted and are for personal use only. The print copy of the Calendar is distributed free to all KHF members in the US and Canada.
To download pdf version (4.25MB) please click on the image below

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This is awesome. A great initiative and service to our community. God bless you all for doing this.
Added By Amit Bhat
I am not able to print the calander as file is not downloading. Please send me the file or the link workable so i can download the calender.
Added By Rahul jotshi
It is difficult to download the Calender in pdf version. Please see that every body can download it easily or send any link. Thanks for all your efforts
Added By Suraj Parcha
You should be able to download the calendar from the website now. Please try again.
Added By Arun Koul
It is really beautiful & thanks to all for generating this for the community.Keep it up & god bless all of us.
Added By kewal bamzai
Lasew tah phalew. Bada Asal Kaam chi yeh.
Added By Sunil Raina
thank you very much for this calander.i can keep track of festivals.
Added By sheetal raina
Thanks a lot for KAshmiri calender on this website. Indeed a great information for all. Those who used to struggle before, will benefit from this. God bless all who worked for it. Ramesh Ghasi
Added By Ramesh Ghasi
As per all the calenders and Janthri, magh Sahib Saptami falls on Sunday, February 3 2013. Suddenly two days back Mr. Shastri (Jammu) changed to Saturday Feb. 2, 2013 on two days back. What is/could be the reason of this last minute change. I have researched all the Hindu panchang's to get the answer for this change, looking at moon rise, tithi start date etc etc but could find a single clue for this change. I will anyone knows or has knowledge, I would be vary happy to learn. Regards
Added By S Dhar
Arun ji, Hi, can you please add Hindi month names also to next year's calendar. Thank you.
Added By R Dhar