Sumit Parimoo


Sumit Parimoo
umit is an upcoming contemporary music artist in the San Francisco bay area. He hails from the beautiful Kashmir valley in India and has a flair for blending various Indian and Western musical styles, which comes across beautifully in his music album.

Sumit spent his early childhood (1979 – 1989) in Srinagar, Kashmir. His family is very musically inclined and they would often sing prayers together. That is how he got interested in music and started performing.

After moving to Jammu in 1990, he continued singing and performing at school, but it wasn’t until his 1st year of college that he started pursuing singing seriously and performed in events. He had very talented musicians in college and it was a great learning experience to be around them. After graduating in Engineering he moved to the US to pursue higher studies. He continued doing musical performances for the Indian Students Association.

He later enrolled in music classes offered by one of the prominent Indian classical, semi-classical and folk music teachers in the United States – Mr. Praveen Chaddha. He helped him in his transition to a more accomplished singer. He has been training with Praveenji for last several years. Last year, he debuted as a singer/songwriter with his album “Meet”. Meet is an attempt to portray the various shades and moods of love – starting with a young infatuation to a more mature realization of love- with all the ups and downs in between.

Currently he works in the computer networking industry and engages himself in music projects, as time permits. He enjoys listening to Kashmiri music and one of his all time favorites is Pt. Krishen Joo Razdan’s “Hosh Dim Lagyo Pamposh Paadan”.

Sumit's debut album is titled meet which means partner. Meet will take you on an unforgettable musical journey of love. The songs portray various moods and shades of love - starting with a young infatuation to a more mature realization of love; with all the ups and downs in between. He has tried to fuse Indian and Western musical styles and hope that audiences all across the world will like it!

MP3 play whole song, hi-fi (broadband)

This was Sumits first radio show to promote the album 'Meet'. Bollywood actors Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan were also on the same show. It was fun to listen to Kunal Khemu speaking Kashmiri :-)
Click on the link above to listen

Acchi Si Pyaari Ladki
(Sumit Parimoo)

* MP3 short clip, hi-fi play (broadband)
This is about a young innocent girl who wants to fall in love, but has a destiny to make as well. Click the link above to play.

Ye Zindagi
(Sumit Parimoo)

* MP3 short clip, hi-fi play (broadband)
This is about a person who has understood life through love. Click the link above to play.

Come On Let's Not Fight
(Sumit Parimoo)

* MP3 short clip, hi-fi play (broadband)
This song describes the feelings of someone who wants to make it up to his beloved. Click the link above to play.
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Nice surprise to hear kunal khemmu talking in Kashmiri. I have spoken to Anupam Kher a long time back and he spoke to me in kashmiri too (to my surprise). Keep up the good work. Orzuv 111
Added By Raj Pandita
Proud of Sumit Parimoo. It was wonderful to listen to Kunal speak in Kashmiri. He deserves all the success.
Added By Arun Koul