Koshur Saal Book signing ceremon

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Koshur Saal Book signing ceremony
Oakhurst, CA July 1, 2012
A book signing ceremony was also held on July 1st, 2012 at 5th Kashmiri National Cultural Meet at Oakhurst, CA (USA) for the famous Kashmiri recipe Book "Koshur Saal", The book is a Traditional, Quick and Easy Kashmiri Cuisine recipe book with 184 recipes and over 280 full color illustrations authored by Mrs. Chandramukhi Ganju. The event featured presenting signed copies by the author. The book is also available at http://www.shehjar.com/list/0/869/1.html.

Koshur Saal is more than a cookbook; it is the preservation of Kashmiri culture and cuisine that has not historically been widely documented. Future generations of Kashmiri Pandits will now be able to taste the flavors of Kashmir as they were meant to be, with wonderful blends of spices and special techniques.