KOA AGM recognizes its volunteers

July 1st, 2012
It was great to see many KOA volunteers and community members at the AGM held on July 1st 2012 at Oakhurst--California. It was significant that in 28 years History of our organization this was only the 2nd time that the KOA Annual general body meeting was held in the west-coast.

We started by reiterating the Mission of KOA, which besides bringing KPs together in USA is to protect, preserve, and promote Kashmiri ethnic and socio-cultural heritage and celebrate festivals, and to provide financial assistance to the needy and deserving.

Ethnic and Socio cultural Heritage:
I am sure we all can agree that protecting, preserving and promoting kashmiri ethnic and socio-cultural heritage and festivals don’t happen at the board meeting. Nor there is a central body who is supposed to protect and preserve it. It happens at the city level, state level and regional level when people come together and celebrate the festivals, enjoy a picnic or havan or graduation ceremony of their Kashmiri kids and join in to share happiness of their fellows in that city or state and similarly share the loss and sympathize when their brethren when they lose one of them.

Financial assistance to the needy and deserving:
I am not sure if you all know but two selfless individuals, Pran Kaul ji and Tej Nath Kaul sahib have helped raise more than 2 million dollars from last two decades for the needy ones in India. 2011 Financial report was shared with members. We ended 2011 with higher bank balance and book balance than what my administration inherited in spite of the fact that we were forced to refund some donations on insistence of trouble makers.

Recognition and Awards
Following selfless individuals were recognized at the Annual general body meeting.
  • Smt. Kailash ji Mehra Sadhu
  • Sh. Pran Ji Kaul
  • Sh. Chand ji Bhan
  • Dr. Tej Nath Kaul
  • Dr. Vijay Sazawal
  • Sh. Naveen Zalpuri
  • Sh. Ajay Garyali
  • Sh. Rajeev Sumbly
  • Sh. Ankit Monga
My sincere thanks to all our Donors in helping my administration surpass the donations received in comparison to previous years. This increase in Donor amount should silence few critics who make noise and want you to believe that our organization has become Dysfunctional. I can assure you our organization has gained in strength and increased donations is the proof.

My special thanks go Sh. Naveen Zalpuri ji for his open hearted support and help from day one. It is very unfortunate that Naveen has his new job commitments & could not continue to be part of our team. Naveen ji: thank you very much for all your time and dedication.

I ask you to continue to do your best at your local level for functions and cultural festivals and support the efforts of Pran Kaul ji, Tej Nath ji & Chand Bhann ji for help the needy project. I will slowly but surely do my best to cleanse KOA of rowdyism starting with enrolling an Accountant to review all the financial transaction, probe all the past irregularities and provide you update on regular basis.

Paviter Handoo
Kashmiri Overseas Association

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