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An Introduction:

Shri Neel Kanth Sharma ji
Poet and author of AGYAN GATE sung my M.K. MONGHA
The present Guru Astuti by Saint Shri Neelkanth ji Sharma was sung at the lotus feet of his Guru Yogishwar Swami Nandlal JI Maharaj (Tikker & Hushur) when Shri Swami ji visited his home at Village Dubb- Ganderbal, on the banks of the Sindh Naala on Shadipur --Tullamulla Road road.
It is said ------- "When Swami Nand Lal ji entered the fornt yard--angan of his diciple Shri Neelkanth Ji,Swami Ji went into ecstasy mood of Karuna Bhaava.He took his seat/ Asana on the 'Kunz'. Then Nilkanth ji started composing the Guru Astuti,in the present form. Shri Neelkanth ji's devotion to his Guru is further depicted in another popular "Shiv Leela" which is said to have been written at the behest of Swami Nandlal ji and this is embeded in the last stanza of the Leela:----

"Sh.Neelkanths Sant Nandlal ji yan vanuyi
Vanu Shiv Sundhyu Ghokals Andar yinuyi
Shanker tu Krishan--Krishan Tu Shanker chuy no beyunuyi"

Shri Neelkanth Ji Guru Stuti--Agyyan GaTe is a powerful Bhajan in the lucid form of Mantrik Bhajans of Kashmir Bhakti tradition.
Translation : Chamanlal Raina

Agyaan GaTe Siri Prakash Chhukh Aaswunuyi
Gyaan Prakash Chhukh Aaswunuyi
Om Shri Sat Gvara Khana Khyena Chum Assara Chonuy

O my Sadguru---I rely on your compassion and grace in each and every moment of my life. You are the radiance of the Sun; enlightening me during my hours of ignorance.You are OM and you are Shri/the auspiciousness.You are the True guru/preceptor.

Tsuyi Chhuk Brahma Chuyi vishnu Maheshwarai
Chuyi Vishwamaya Chhuk Ajar Amar Akhshar Theyrai
Par Treyn Bhuwanan Paadi Pranaam Bawinay Myonuya
Shri Sat Gvara Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---1

You are Brahma--the creator,Vishnu--the sustainer and Maheshwara--the great force of dissolution,or merger. You are Ajara/changeless,Absolute; immortal, infinite and immutable. I offer my laudations to you--as you are existing in the three worlds of "Bhu Bhuvah and Swah".
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life.----1

Chaanyen Padan Hundi Garde Hunduya Anjan
yus Laagi nyetran Divya Drishti Tamis Chhi Banan
Yeth Nu Kaanh WuChaan Tath Sadaa Chhukh WuChwunuyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---2

Any one can realize the supreme truth and attain the Divine vision,if there is complete surrender at your feet,by annointing his/her eyes with the dust of your lotus feet.That truth---higher realization not seen by others is always viewed by you.O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life.---2

Daya Sagar Kar Mey Daya Deenas Heenas
Siddhi Ditam Mad Mochan mye Buddhi Hiinas
Ba Ada kas wana Aaírit Naad Chhuk Bozwunuya
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---3

Being a compassionate One,please grace me with the Siddhi/perfection.I am proud with ignorance about Truth . I am unaware of my intelligencewithout any intelligence, thus you can take the pride away from my being.I can not share my sadness with any one,except your noble self. Because you listen to my inner psyche.
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life.3

Sharan Bu Aasay Tsey Pyosay Paran Paadan
Warum Mey Daasas Thawatam Kan Aaírtyen Naadan
Taran Bhawa sar Yimaw Chonuyi Prebhaav Zonuyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---4

I have come and prostrate before you. Bless me with your grace,listen to my wooing sounds.They will attain liberation,who understand your spiritualaura filled with inner strength of Atman.
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life. 4

Chhuk Sidhi Yogi Bu Chhus Ruugi Tsu dim Dawa
Aushad Chaanyen Paadan Hunz Garda Chhana
Uttan Chuuran Sarva Roogan Chhuya Haa Kaaswun
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---5

Beyond doubt,you are an embodiment of Sidha Yogi--a perfect Yogi--,but I am an ailing person,and need the spiritual help to get evolved,which would raise my spiritual bent of mind for higher understanding of the truth.
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life.5

Ghate Gaashar! Chaani dayaayi Mye Roog Hate
Mate Chhusaya Taar Bhava Sara Ake Wyote
Late Ake Mwakh Mye Haawtam Prazalwunuya
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---6

You are the source of light in the spell of darkness. I am sure you will relieve me of the ailments caused by my ignorance.I am dependent on your grace for transcending myself from the ocean of Samsara,within a time span of single jump taking. Please be gracious enough to show the beautiful face, radiant with spirituality.
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life. 6

Santap Agan Paapaw Suti Gomut Prabal
Sheras Pyeth Thav KarKamal Panun Shital
Santap tsalyem Paph Galyem Now tai Prionuyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---7

I have become agitated with the sins associated with the wrong doings. Please place your cool palm on my head,so that the wrath of 'Tamas'--inertia will be transformed,for higher spiritual values.
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life.7

Setar Manuk Taar Chaírith Sada Diwan
Had Yeth No kuney Bvadh myani soy tvata gewaan
Vrits myani natsan kanaw boztam Lol Wanawunuyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---8

The Sitar of my mind is vibrating ,when I tightened the cords.Now I sing the songs dedicated to your spiritual self.The
emotive nature of psychic being is now dancing to the tune of non-dualistic melody.
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life. 8

Kartam Sa Daya Vartam Tal Charnarbendan
Chhukh Bodh Drishti tsuyi Diwan anyen Tu myendyen
Andan Chhi nyaay Chaani Dayayi kar Paay Myonuyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---9

Take mercy on me.Grant me refuge to have presence near your lotus feet.
Your intuitive ability helps the blind to go ahead in action and a lepar to be full in spirits.You are just in nature and you deliver justice through your grace. O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life.9

Chintamano! Svan Tsu Banawan Chukh Tramas
Fotas Mokhtai Pvakhta Banawan Chukh Tramas
Tsu Gati Hund gaash Swami Nand Lal Chu Naw Chonuyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---10

You are Chintamani--a touch stone to convert copper into gold.It is because of meditation that true Advaita/ non-dualism takes place between a disiple and a preceptor. The humility and humbleness in a Shishya makeshim/herb to ascend to the spiritual heights.
O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life. 10

Yi Bu Nu oasus Tiiy Oasus Zaanaan Bu paanai
Dayayi Chanye Yi Bu Chhus Ti mye Zonum Paanai
Rowmut Lobum pazi Labith na Zi Raawrawun
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---11

I was of the notion that I am only flesh and bone, the material self but was not aware of the true self--which is pure Atman abiding in my being. It is because of your grace that I could realize that I am pure Atman--Self.I got this identity,now I should preserve it to the best of my spiritual efforts and understanding.O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life. 11

Timan zi Yiman Gaw Zi Yiman Tse Suti Layas
Dayas Suutyen gayi Zu Miilith Waitis Payas
Bhayas Zay Gokh Dwan haa Ruudukh Kunuy Baswunuyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---12

Those who got merged in your spiritual self ,and became one with Atman..., they got absorbed in the spiritual realm of Divinity.The fear of being in this Samsara got vanished and they achieved their true self of beingpure Atman. O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life. 12

Bhava Sar Tarnuk Neel Kanthas Banitan Wyapaay
Swami NandLal Ji Tai Swami Lal; Ji Ruuzitan Sahaay
Chhi Tang Aamutyi Anzal Hyeth Chhi Mamgawunyi
Shri Satgura Khyen Khyen Chhum Asara Chonuyi---13

Neel Kanth makes a humble submission to receive the blessings in the spiritual manner as how could he cross the oceanic world of transmigration of soul. May Swami Nand Lal Ji and his Guru Swami Lal Ji be always graceful to him!
Really,we have been in great agony,pain and suffering.We ask for a boon of spiritual involution --a meaningful life force to sustain our selves. Be it so!. O my Sadguru---I rely on you in each and every moment of my life.13

Homeland campaign after the mass exodus of community from valley drove Mohan Krishen Mongha alias Kaka ji to dig into the layers of time and get to the roots of the intellectual and cultural ethos of the Kashmiri Community. Starting with active participation in the communities fight for survival and identity in the aftermath of communities genocide in Noida (NCR DELHI) right from day one by throwing open the gates of his factory for running and registering of the Kashmir Migrant Welfare Association, Noida besides being a field worker of PK (united). In 1993 Mohan ji took lessons in Indian light classical music which brought him in contact with his spiritual mentor and later his Guru Swami Mastbab ji in Noida coinciding with growth of a small garment fabrication business estab.1986 into a multi crore export business. The opportunity to graduate from a casual singer of kashmiri bhajan to a serious student of Veda and Vedic rituals came in 1996 when Swami ji ordained Kaka ji to assist Sh. M.L.Wangnoo in conducting and performing Ashtami Hawan at Karal Ashram every month as was the practice in Patoli Ashram, Jammu. Since 2008 following the Guru Aadaish (advisory directive) Mohan ji has stepped aside from day to day routine activities of mundane world and is devoting full time seva between Anand Dham, Hushur Ashram, Kashmir established in 1954 by Yogiraj Swami Nandlal ji and Swami Nanadalal Ji Ashram , Karala New Delhi established in 1992 by Swami Mastbabji.
Mohanji is born 1957 in “Paldev Vaasgargi” gotra and is a descendant of Swami Maneh Kak Mongha at Habbakadal Srinagar.
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