PK condemns the callous attitude of the state government

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Panun Kashmir condemns the callous attitude of the state government
Jagti, Jammu India, September 7, 2012
he situation in Jagti township was discussed and indignation expressed over perpetual callous attitude of the state government regarding continuous neglect of this township right from day one, the unfortunate displaced inmates were moved here. The absence of the basic unavoidable requirements like electricity, potable water and sewerage and drainage facilities have made the lives of the inmates miserable lamented Dr. Agnishekhar, Convenor of Panun Kashmir.

Dr. Agnishekhar wondered when the state government due to one reason or the other was not in a position to afford the basic facilities of the living conditions of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits at Jagti, why were they shifted from their previous camp dungeons; at least, in comparison their sufferings could have been avoided to get compounded. He said that instead of taking steps to reverse the causes and the fallout of the genocide and exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits, the state government is hell bent upon keeping the tormented community in perpetual distress, turmoil and sufferings so much so that they are pushed to take extreme steps of itineraries even of sit in Dharnas, fast unto death and the extreme step of self immolations. Dr. Agnishekhar termed it as a human tragedy, man made and scripted by a total indifferent state government. While PANUN KASHMIR is taking up the matter with the Prime Minister and the President of India respectively, he strongly urged the state government to seriously realize the futility of stubbornness and biased approach and resolves the problems faced by the township inmates without any ado.

PANUN KASHMIR Convener Dr.Agnishekhar addressing ETV MEDIAon the situation in Jagti township
The problem of basic sustenance of the identified displaced families by way of reasonable revision in cash relief of abysmally meager amount per head per month and per family per month continues to remain unresolved which is a matter of grave concern, said Dr. Agnishekhar, and this has led to the situation turning increasingly volatile as Kashmiri Pandits are desperate and dejected at what they have been reduced to. Those among the sufferers on fast unto death at Jagti and whose physical condition has deteriorated, have been left in the lurch with no proper medical care and assistance and assurance from the concerned authorities.

It is simply shameful on the part of the state government which seems to only rally behind and cater to separatists and ex militants masquerading as "refined" moderate separatists. Umpteen times, Panun Kashmir has reiterated the dire need of enhancing the relief amount of the displaced Pandits relief holders to keep their body and soul together looking to the unabated rise in prices of essential commodities and services but nothing has been done so far because of the adamancy and apartheid laced policy of the state government. Panun Kashmir has strongly urged the state government to act fast to avoid mass agitation by the displaced community over these issues besides the main pending politico- geographical issue concerning the community's forced exile