Kids Talent Show at KP Cultural Meet 2012

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Kids Talent Show at KP National Cultural Meet 2012
Oakhurst, CA USA July 1, 2012
n the last day of the Kashmiri Camp, Ashira Monga and I hosted the Kids’ Talent Show. The performers were between the ages 3 – 13 years and offered a variety of acts, beginning with a skit and ending with an art show. Between each act, Ashira and I kept the audience engaged with jokes, questions, and other silly antics. Towards the end, we even got adults to join the show with skits and songs of their own.

Our performers were young, talented children of the community. Rati and Raya Garyali entertained with Kathak and a song. Lola and Asha Ganju-Genett recited a well know Kashmiri children’s poem. Karan Raina and Mihira Monga sang Yellow Submarine and Rolling in the Deep respectively. Karan also told some jokes. Arjun, Ashira, and I played the piano, and Diya and Ishan Kaul acted in a Kashmiri skit. To end the show with a flourish, Pearl Raina displayed her amazing artwork. Shwena Kak kept the kids organized and under control behind the scenes. We had many brilliant kids show off their talent and we hope that everyone enjoyed our show.

During the performance, we urged the audience to donate money to help community children in need. We needed $250 to sponsor one child in India, and we were delighted to raise $350! We would like to thank Mr. Pran Kaul for his initiative and sharing the information we needed, Srishti Sumbly for collecting and keeping the donations safe, and of course all the donors.

The children had a great time in the show, and as a reward for their talent and as encouragement to perform in future, all were given gift cards by Kailash Aunty. We look forward to next year’s show, and who knows maybe we can have lights and lasers!!

Kastur Koul